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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    Please go back to the basics:

    Voice dialing!

    Enhancements to the email app. This is a core feature that deserves much more attention.

    Better PIM functions that bring the Pre up to speed with the Treo/Centro
    I think a pattern is developing. We could voice dial on the centro, sync to a pc, and it was the best PDA ever.

    those are table stakes to the big game.
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    Couldn't care less about voice commands, and am fairly happy with the email app and PIM; sure, there's room for improvement and I'll be happy when they do improve them, but it's hardly what I'm looking forward to.

    I'm looking forward to having a compass in the new device, so maps applications always point in the "right direction".

    I'm looking forward to having a bigger screen with better resolution for RealEstate++.

    I'm looking forward like crazy to JustType and Quick Actions!
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    if you ever try voice search that works well (read: android) you will be hooked. And with hands free being required in more states, it is becoming necessary. I didn't used to need a swifer, but now we all have them. ;-)
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    Voice would be interesting, but I've yet to see something work reliable enough. I've checked androids latest software on Droid 2/X (cant remember which he had) and EVO and neither were silver bullets, but a least they are trying. Sorli...
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    ok, I don't know if this is a patch, but I remember on my Centro, when you would open a contact and dial a number or punch up an email address, the centro would take you back to the contact page (now card)...this worked well when i could not reach a contact on a cell phone and needed to then dial a home or work number. In webOS, there are times when the contacts card will open, but it seemed to be less consistant and probably a product of fat thumbs or something.

    Anyone want to weigh in on this?
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    +1 for that. To me it's part of the 'get it back to parity with treo/centro as a PDA' pattern that keeps coming up.
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    Flash plug-in!!!
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    Reading glasses (place the camera over a text and magnify it
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    Bigger battery with compatibility with Touchstone
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    A pim as powerful as DateBk6, especially the tasks side of things. Please.
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    Camera on both sides of the phone.
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    File transfers via bluetooth.
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    I would love it if Palm could find a way to make apps interact with each other. Say I am in my NewsRoom app and hit a link that goes to a twitter page I would like it to pop open my twitter app of choice. Or I am in the Facebook app and hit a link to an Engadget story it would open up the story in the Engadget app and not the website.

    or top notch Google Voice

    or top notch visual voice mail
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