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    bluetooth PAN for file transfer to/from a PC
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    Spell check that has a text completer like TextPlus had. In other words, if you start typing in a text type document, it will give you options to prefill based on your usage and you can add to your text completer dictionary from Acronyms, phrases and etc that you use on a regular basis. AutoCorrectEdit is great, but those are shortcuts that you have to remember. The spell check/ text completer keeps you from misspelling and saves you keystrokes.

    If that's not possible to institute quickly, AutoCorrectEdit.
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    built in ability to use profiles, like the modeswitcher app.
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    Voice Dialing
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    Voice Dialing
    Outlook/Exchange category support
    Exchange tasks beefed up to be more robust and support recurring tasks
    Parse contact birthdays and anniversaries to calendar
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    camera LED notifications. That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    bluetooth PAN for file transfer to/from a PC
    You seem to have quite a few "desires" lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    You seem to have quite a few "desires" lol
    yes sir. There are still several hours per day of tasks that I have to use something other than my pre. During those time I suffer webOS withdrawal.
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    Better instant messaging. It shouldn't take forever to load my buddy list, which I cannot organize in any way at all.

    Not to mention the ability to remove contacts that were just vomited from Facebook into my contacts list.
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    Landscape email. Voice dialing. And a calendar app that isn't an embarrasment. One that syncs quickly with my Google calendar, not two days later.
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    - Add Windows Live Messenger and Skype to Messaging synergy.
    - Add Flickr and Tweetpic/Tweetphoto to Photos synergy (in the latter, being able to add a tweet to the picture).
    - An option to make the ball in the Sprint Pre being able to unlock the device.
    - A total rewrite to Google Maps app, make it as usable as the iPhone's one.
    - Threaded e-mail conversations, like in gmail or iPhone 4
    - An update to youtube app to make it as usable as iPhone version ormobile web page (this includes HQ/HD video).
    - Phone app should, always, always run in the background, no matters what, so when you answer a call it comes up instantly.
    - Add landscape mode to the preloaded apps.
    - A smoother music app, and upgrade the features to be able to compete at least with iOS 1.
    - A scientific mode to calculator.
    - Don't turn off the wi-fi when the screen is locked.
    - Be able to change the battery icon into a percentage in the preferences.
    - Support for more languages.
    - A better organized app catalogue.
    - Add preferences to the camera, so one can choose the quality/size of photos and videos, among other things.
    - Please, a better Palm Profile, I wouldn't mind if it was a paid version, which also back ups photos, text messages, etc.
    - A faster way to turn on/off the gps.
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    Customizable Palm Profile. For example, whenever I doctor my phone, there are certain synergies I have to manually correct every time (e.g., my dad and I have the same first and last names, but different middle names...since I have email addresses and things like that that go by my first name and my middle name, it's a crapshoot to see how all of them will be synergized. I know exactly how the synergies *should* be, but my Pre does not. Similarly, some people have slightly different names on facebook than they do for their google, and so webOS doesn't properly synergize. I know how to manually match these, but my Pre does not.) It would be helpful if I could set certain associations online and have my profile remember them in case I had to doctor.

    As mentioned in a previous post, it would be helpful if Palm Profile information were accessible online.
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    -more access to synergy options, eg some people do not want all their contacts (from all the IM clients) with their phone contacts, or all their exchange contacts (with hotmail this includes many msn only contacts) to the the normal contacts, or their facebook calendar integrated, the best way to do this would be when adding an account, allow the user to check what they want integrated.
    -Scrollable quicklaunch bar
    -Fully landscape UI, With the option to lock into a orientation
    -Quicker way's to access options such as wifi, and to switch between 2g/3g/auto network select
    -Blutooth file transfer
    - A desktop programme that lets you back up onto there AS WELL AS the cloud
    -Android phones are doing it...lets get Itunes support back
    -More camera options, HDR photos <<<<<<<
    Ability to separate texts from IM's in the messaging app
    -A more space friendly way of notifications at the bottom of the screen, say you have 2 background apps, and one email and one text when you tap one of the icons, the notifications take up waaaay too much space,

    Thats all for now
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    Itching, hmm? Now that you mention it, a back scratcher would be nice. Hey wait, the lower lip of the extended Pre keyboard works pretty well for that! Nevermind.
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    Bluetooth OBEX.

    That feature is long overdue.
    And given the fact that that has been working well on Linux for years I don't understand why the profile hasn't been in webos for ages.

    I'm at a photo printing shop and I can't easily transfer my photos to the photo printer.
    My old dumb feature phone allowed me to do that half a decade ago.
    My Linux laptops have allowed me to receive my photos from the phone for half a decade.

    Webos is a Linux system. The profile is already there - I don't see any carrier politics that might be in the way either.

    This is a puzzling omission.

    Landscape mode for all in-buil apps.
    Why do I need a patch to enable this? Downright weird.

    I'm a fan of webos. I like the Pre.
    A few missing features are understandable given real life constraints and the short time it's been out.
    But the 2 limitations above neither use much resources, nor money, nor time. The former has existed for years and the latter is an active restriction that makes no sense.
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    Text-to-Speech / Speech-to-Text / Option to have Text and Emails read aloud / Ability to dictate text messages.. as well as, Voice Dialing / app launching / Voice Search

    Hmmm... "just speak" ?!

    Wireless Data (music/audiobooks/pics etc.) sync w/ PC (with TouchStone support)



    Thanks for listening!
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    +1 on Audible.
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    I would love to have better google voice integration. That is what I like so much about android phones.
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    A backscratcher

    LOL get it hahahahahahahahaha
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    Please go back to the basics:

    Voice dialing!

    Enhancements to the email app. This is a core feature that deserves much more attention.

    Better PIM functions that bring the Pre up to speed with the Treo/Centro
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