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    I've heard it before and I know you have too. The Precentral community is unmatched in the mobile community universe. We might not have the most devices, but no other platform has a larger active following than us.

    I started a thread a few days ago to bring a game to webOS, like we did with Angry Birds. It doesnt have to only be games though. Any app development company, if they hear from enough users, will port their game over to webOS. They will at least look into it and when they come across the PDK, they will see how easy it is.

    We got Angry Birds because we demanded it, thats what the develoeprs told us.

    Lets start demanding more. If you see an app you want, post it up. Dont waste everyones time. Its gotta be a great app. If we get the apps, we all benefit. More people buy webOS phones, more apps will come, and the circle will soon feed itself. So if you see a post related to this, take 2 minutes and shoot an email out to the developers, or a tweet, or BOTH. You're helping webOS.
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    I agree.

    I also think HP needs to write some big checks to the developers of key applications so they can be sure they will happen quickly and be on par with versions for other platforms.
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    Can we have a serious OSK before the next Ice Age?
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    I think we should focus on YouView, it needs Synergy support all ready

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