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    Title says it all. I realize GV can be used through the web interface, but I'm hoping for native integration. I don't want to have to rely on a data network connection in order to make a call from my GV number.
    I am also looking to upgrade my wife's phone and while voxofon is great for international calls something native would be easier.

    Though Google might not want to focus on WebOS and instead focus on Android I hope that it is easy enough and open enough that HPalm could integrate this with little to no help from Google.

    So what do you think, will this happen?
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    If HP pays Google enough I don't see why it wouldn't happen.
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    There used to be Gdial but the dev had to remove it because google changed the API required to work AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $There$ $is$ $still$ $P2google$ $Voice$ $app$ $in$ $precentral$ $homebrew$ $feeds$. $It$ $doesn$'$t$ $use$ $data$ $but$ $dialin$ $commands$ $for$ $voice$, $but$ $it$ $does$ $integrate$ $with$ $contacts$...
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