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    My Pre's space bar is only working half the time, so I'd love some new hardware... but I'm running at 1G and very happy with it, webOS 2.0 would only make it better.

    On a side note, the "new device" might actually first be a pad/slate format, so we'd probably ALL have to pay full price.

    I know I will.
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    Not me, I'm keeping mines until...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    i am on sprint and a premier customer so i can upgrade every year so no full price for me!
    +1, same for me.
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    Since it won't be on a local carrier, I have no choice, unfortunately.
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    Honestly, depends on whether VZW drops the iPhone today, as some expect (I doubt it). If they don't, I would probably pay full price for the new device on my VZW, or switch to Sprint if the hardware is the same among all carriers this time around. The ETF @ VZW + cost of phone at Sprint would probably be cheaper than paying $500-$600 for a new phone on VZW since I'm not yet eligible for an upgrade (and won't be for 22 months!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juize View Post
    I still have one year to go with my original palm prprpr...$so$ $it$ $depends$ $on$ $the$ $device$...$and$ $I$ $rather$ $wait$ $for$ $the$ $tablet$ $and$ $pay$ $that$ $price$...$but$ $this$ $is$ $not$ $engraved$ $in$ $stone$...$obviously$...
    See now thats another interesting option. Keeping what you have and holding out for a tablet. Thats something that will definitely effect what move if any I make in a big way when the time comes.
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    I'm on a family plan and not the primary phone. I was able to resign the contract after the 1 year mark, get the Pre at the new contract rate, and pay a $20 number transfer fee all through Best Buy... I think BB pulled something to make it happen. I'm banking on them to sprinkle some magic this next go around too. I still feel kind of bad about the guy who called and reserved the Pre I bought. The sticky note with his name on it "fell off or something" when I asked the sales person about availability...

    My little brother got a Hero (lol) from a Sprint store a month later and paid full price for the phone. We were on the same new phone schedule.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    I have my upgrade already. So i wont have to pay full price. BUT i probably would pay full price.
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    Me either. By being a little more patient, (1 month) I got mine for $0, and another for free with the purchase of the first for said $0. This afforded me enough change for a decent vacation compared to the initial pricing on 2 units! I learned an important lesson
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    Requiring unlocked GSM devices to operate in Australia, I always need to pay full price, plus exchange rate and international shipping ...

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