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  • I am all for the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0!!!

    78 44.57%
  • Hardware on Pre 2 is the same as the original Pre but I love webOS 2.0!

    73 41.71%
  • I want the Pre 2 but webOS 2.0 still needs some major work before I will be satisfied

    9 5.14%
  • I'm done with Palm! WebOS 2.0 isn't enough to keep me satisfied.

    15 8.57%
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    Use this Anticipation Thread until the new webOS is released.

    At this time there is no public information on when to expect a new webOS update. This is just so that we can merge all of the anticipation threads into one place.

    HP webOS 2.0: Full Review by P|C

    OFFICIAL: HP introduces feature-packed webOS 2.0


    Palm has released webOS 2.0 Beta SDK to developers

    webOS is moving up to version 2.0 and bringing along with it a whole host of new features sure to please even the most jaded of webOS users. There’s the stuff that we’ve already covered: card-grouping Stacks, enhanced and more capable Just Type with search and Quick Actions, Exhibition Touchstone dock modes, and expandable Synergy plug-ins.

    That’s a lot, but if you ask us, not quite worthy of bringing the big 2.0. Here’s what else Palm didn’t let slip until today:

    webOS finally supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (beta), and it comes baked right into webOS 2.0. Flash support is limited to the browser, but by and large it’s a rich and fluid experience, and one that we’re glad we can stop wondering if we’ll ever get.

    You can now tag contacts as a “favorite.” Doing so has two consequences. One: the contact will show up under the new Favorites view in the Phone app. Two: contacts tagged as such will appear at the top of searches in Contacts, Email, Messaging, and Phone.

    As glimpsed in earlier leaks, webOS 2.0 comes along with Text Assist. The new app and service build upon and greatly expand the auto-correction capabilities of webOS, including general spell checking, dictionary customization, and the ability to set your own macros (custom text strings with a short typed trigger).

    Skype Mobile is coming to webOS, so long as you’re on Verizon. This leverages that exclusive Verizon deal, so don’t count on seeing Skype calling on any other webOS devices any time soon.

    The new Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is included from the start, displacing DataViz’s abandoned Documents to Go package. But the only thing you’ll get by default in webOS 2.0 is the Quickoffice viewer, which lets you read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. There’s no editing just yet (we suspect Quickoffice wants to charge for that, which is reasonable, albeit disappointing), but the included app does sync with online services like Google Docs and Dropbox.

    The Facebook app is also getting a bump to 2.0, which brings along support for Facebook Chat in Messaging, through the magic of Synergy. The new Facebook app also leverages the other new webOS tools, like Stacks, Quick Actions, and Exhibition.

    And that's just the beginning - explore the world of webOS 2.0 updated features after the break.

    The Web browser now supports more HTML5 features, including geolocation, so you can get your online mapping and location-based services action going with ease. Also added in is OpenSearch plug-in support, which will allow you to add your favorite website searches to Just Type search. Visiting an OpenSearch-enabled site (like PreCentral) gives you a notification that you can add this site’s search to Just Type. Easy as pie.

    Messaging has picked up Yahoo! IM, leaving Windows Live as the final major chat platform not available to webOS users. The new VPN app allows for connections to all variety of VPN networks (including IPsec and Cisco AnyConnect). The App Catalog has been revamped to make “finding and discovering great apps even easier.” There’s also a new Software Manager to help you, well, manage your software.

    As we saw earlier, the launcher has been redesigned to enable users to add, label, and reorder pages. Also changed is the behavior of the dock, with apps added to the dock staying in the launcher, and the dock disappearing when the launcher is brought up. The phone app has been revised to offer access to the above-discussed Favorites, as well as now offering reverse area code look-up. A new Accounts app provides a single location to manage all of your Synergy accounts (finally). Bluetooth support has been expanded to enable both Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth SPP peripherals, like barcode scanners and realty lock boxes.

    Lastly, there’s been some behind-the-scenes developer support work built in to webOS 2.0. Namely, Node.JSJSJS $JavaScript$ $services$ $are$ $now$ $an$ $option$, $and$ $PDK$ $support$ $has$ $been$ $expanded$ $to$ $support$ $hybrid$ $PDK$ ($C$/$C$++) $and$ $Mojo$ ($HTML5$, $JavaScript$, $and$ $CSS$) $apps$.

    And yes, we said HP. The mothership has made the branding official, this is now HP webOS.

    An exact release schedule for webOS 2.0 has not yet been released, though we would hope expect it too be available for all webOS devices in the next few months, if not sooner. At the very least, you can get it on your SFR Pre 2 if you’re really hankerin’ for some 2.0 action.

    Palm releases webOS 2.0 SDK

    webOS 2.0 details: Stacks, Just Type, Exhibition, and more!

    PalmCast Episode 118 - webOS 2.0 unveiled

    Why developers should be pumped for webOS 2.0

    Just Type: more than just search [webOS 2.0]

    Stacks: multitasking made smarter [webOS 2.0]

    Exhibition: at a glance [webOS 2.0]

    Virtual keyboard reference found in webOS 2.0 SDK

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    where i can download it?
    Any body!!! reply !!!
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    Awesome thanks for letting us know
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbermudez View Post
    where i can download it?
    Any body!!! reply !!!
    "limited release" = you can't download it ....and anyone who can will be under a strict NDA so don't even ask, okay? Okay.
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    hmmm i said this on the facebook posting i will say it again.
    we presently are at 1.4.5,, does this mean that we can expect 5- 50 updates between now and 2.0 lolol.. kidding all sounds great. will be extremely helpful as far as work goes.. its a bit of a pain right now but not as bad as the wife's new BB.. now that one is a pain to use.. what was that line.. SHOW ME THE MO..2.0..
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    No widget support means i'm moving on. Sad Palm.
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    widgets are awesome but androids os isn't worth it but that's my opinion I do want widgets thoug but like that things are changing!
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    It was just brought to my attention that the image above (on the right) shows evidence of some possible spell checking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post

    It was just brought to my attention that the image above (on the right) shows evidence of some possible spell checking!
    I agree. Baja is underlined red. I hope that is the case. Maybe tapping a word underlined in red would give possible replacement options to select from.

    This looks more and more promising.
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    I am most excited about the Quick Actions feature. I imagine it being very similar to an extension I had for firefox called ubiquity. You would call ubiquity with Alt+U and then just type. You could search the web or do inline commands such as typing "tweet i love Quick Actions" and it would update my twitter status without ever having to navigate away from the current page I was in. You could also type "email bob get over here now" and it would send an email to bob in my gmail contacts the message I typed again without ever navigating away from what I was doing. This is so versatile that new options where constantly being added with little to no effort. I would recommend everyone looking into ubiquity as a way of understanding how the Quick Actions framework could easily become revolutionizing to way we do things on our smartphones.
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    Glad to hear hybrid apps will be supported. It should really take apps to the next level.
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    Also it looks like the phone app was recoloured to blue
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    VERY impressive by Palm. iPhoneOS 4 definitely improved but Palm has actually leaped ahead here! This is a very impressive change to the OS. Now we just need better hardware!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alvaro_qc View Post
    Also it looks like the phone app was recoloured to blue
    That kind of ties in with something Rahul Sood eluded to on the latest Palm cast regarding themes or something like that that he would be talking about in the coming weeks.

    Fun fun fun!
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    how awesome is this gonna be... We need a 2.0 anticipation thread.
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    imagine the day when we can switch between our webos phone, tablet, and desktop and printers and never miss a beat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wicketr View Post
    No widget support means i'm moving on. Sad Palm.
    As far as I'm concerned, widgets just needlessly clutter up the screen and force you to treat your phone like a desktop computer. I would much rather see Palm add the best of the Homebrew patches that Jason Robitaille, Sconix, and others have been putting out to webOS. The Today Menu patch is far more elegant than any today screen or widget I've ever seen on Android, Windows Mobile, or PalmOS. Needless to say, I'm staying put.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wicketr View Post
    No widget support means i'm moving on. Sad Palm.
    Each company goes on with their own thing..what works for one doesn't necessarily mean it will work for another...
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    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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    Quote Originally Posted by wicketr View Post
    No widget support means i'm moving on. Sad Palm.
    Exhibition = widget

    From what it has been described to do..Instant costumizable(sp) data

    EDIT: Guess i wasn't the only one who saw that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Too bad Verizon Pre+ users will never get the update.
    LOL... I feel for ya man... But, I do think this is one update that Verizon will release faster (possibly on-time?) I'm trying to think positive for Verizon users! come on Verizon.. come on.... lets have it in time for Nicholas' birthday!
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