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  • I am all for the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0!!!

    78 44.57%
  • Hardware on Pre 2 is the same as the original Pre but I love webOS 2.0!

    73 41.71%
  • I want the Pre 2 but webOS 2.0 still needs some major work before I will be satisfied

    9 5.14%
  • I'm done with Palm! WebOS 2.0 isn't enough to keep me satisfied.

    15 8.57%
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtman55 View Post
    I have the feeling HP decided not to update the older devices to 2.0 ...
    If HP has done this, I'm done. Completely and utterly, DONE.
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    This will affect the market share more than last year's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klownicle View Post
    If HP has done this, I'm done. Completely and utterly, DONE.
    I'm of the same mind. If HP is effectively holding back support for the Pixi Plus which was released about a year ago I have no reason to believe they'll support future devices for a reasonable period. Count me out.
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    This really sucks. I was already torn, because I've been with Sprint for like 10 years and have no desire to switch carriers....especially with Sprint having the lowest overall prices.

    On the other hand, I LOVE my Pre more than any phone I've ever had...

    ..and now I may not even get to see 2.0. WHHHYYYY LOOORD??

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    Will there be a ******* afternoon event later?
    Or was this everything?! If there won't be any update soon, I'm not sure if I will take the Pre 3. I thought ''Buy Palm, you will get updates etc.''
    And what about it? HP is loosing a lot of trust and potential consumers.
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    Has anybody else noticed that the message saying 2.0 is coming to the pre has disappeared? There is absolutely no mention of 2.0 or any of it's features when you click on the original pre's page. I hope this doesn't mean they have pulled the plug
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    I noticed that too...
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    There is supposed to be a developer event later tonight.
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    There's no way they could do this, they practically have it finished for < Pre3's
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    Supposed to be? No word on it?

    I mailed Derek and he answered me, that the developer event is 2 hours before the official event. The countdown showed that, too. Is HP kidding us?
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    "An email has just gone out to registered webOS developers inviting them to another event that follows HP and Palm's announcement at 10am on Feb 9th.

    Please join Jon Rubinstein and the HP webOS Engineering and Developer Relations teams for a special presentation and developer community reception.

    This event is open to all webOS developer community members and space is limited."

    This is what was supposed to go on.
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    If they don't push the update and the sdk, now this will be a major fail on their side, how they want to attract developers if there are no phones to be running the applications (even if someone is using the new features in the beta sdk, which is under NDA).
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    They copied the good parts in the presentation.

    They failed so far with the most important things:

    Delivery dates and software updates going live after the presentation.

    How do they think they have got time?
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    no announcement on 2.1? wow.........
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    I was excited for HP's announcements today, but was disappointed when they didn't say when HP WebOS 2.0 or 2.1 would be available for the Pre (+/-) and Pixi (+/-)! When will we finally get it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabe2gg View Post
    no announcement on 2.1? wow.........
    I hope the announcement will come later wit the developer conference or what ever.
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    They forgot about us....
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    My guess is on the 14th... ya know for valentines.

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    Hi, I've WebOS 2.0.1 on my Pre2, and I'm waiting for 2.2:

    On WebOS 2.0.1:

    > Calendar only syncs 3 months

    > No GPS fix on Navit because of a bug
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    But why should they spread the 2.0.1 oder something update to the developers, if they don't want to bring it. Some developers reporting that it perfoms quite well.

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