View Poll Results: Are you finished with Palm or is webOS 2.0 enough to keep you satisfied?

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  • I am all for the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0!!!

    78 44.57%
  • Hardware on Pre 2 is the same as the original Pre but I love webOS 2.0!

    73 41.71%
  • I want the Pre 2 but webOS 2.0 still needs some major work before I will be satisfied

    9 5.14%
  • I'm done with Palm! WebOS 2.0 isn't enough to keep me satisfied.

    15 8.57%
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    The update from 1.4.5 to WebOS 2.0 is not available right now!!

    HP/Palm said that it will be available in the coming months!!!!

    Be patient like everyone here!


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    The webOS name has been changed to waitOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, and if they keep us waiting, wasOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, and if they keep us waiting, wasOS.
    And if they wait too long it will be

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    haha you guys are hilarious
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayo1024 View Post
    And if they wait too long it will be

    Then a possible AndroidOS
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    Any longer and people will have moved on and forgotten it and it'll be known as whatOS?
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    and then goneOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixi is bad4U View Post
    It's also annoying how palm keeps trying to increase their hype for webOS 2.0 by talking about it all the time.
    I agree that this is annoying, and probably the worst part about the anticipation - it's out there, just not for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixi is bad4U View Post
    and then goneOS
    But not forgottenOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post
    Then a possible AndroidOS
    Windows phone 7 is supposed to be very nice
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    They could at leased release a webOS 1.5 right now.....
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    I am going to wait but it is sad that Hp has not taken care of it customers. My old palm was always supported and now that Hp has purchased palm I feel like I am holding an outdated unfinished product that I have not even had for 2 years.

    Just Sad
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    O2 germany: "webos 2.0 in Q1/11 PERHAPS"

    well nothing more to say. It's in the coming month then...

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    They will demo it at ces and release end of january...prolly hint at new devices.. but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they just talk about the Pre 2.. just my guess. ugh palm :/
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    Does anybody know when the 2.0 update is coming out on older devices?

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    "In the coming months"

    Basically, we have no idea lol.
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    in the coming months as of like a month ago, so like garrett said we have no idea!
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    after flash arrive!!! Lol
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    we usually hear when it has been submitted to the carriers for final testing, and I don't think we've heard anything indicating the carriers have the code. If I was a gambling man, I'd expect the carriers to have it around CES timeframe and rolling out to the faithful in the "coming months" after that.

    But that's purely a guess based on previous carrier timeframes.

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