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  • I am all for the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0!!!

    78 44.57%
  • Hardware on Pre 2 is the same as the original Pre but I love webOS 2.0!

    73 41.71%
  • I want the Pre 2 but webOS 2.0 still needs some major work before I will be satisfied

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  • I'm done with Palm! WebOS 2.0 isn't enough to keep me satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loosh11 View Post
    well what the hell are they waiting for? Palm's business model is so flawed. They're always behind. I think i might get a droid the next time around. Palm has webOS 2.0...SO GIVE IT TO THE CARRIERS ALREADY! What could they possibly be waiting for?!
    They have to make sure the update is backward compatible with the older hardware with half the amount of RAM. It's not as easy as slapping 2.0 from the Pre 2 onto the Pre/Pre Plus.
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    I thought you all would get a kick out of this. its sad really how vague palm is and how unwilling they are to give a straight answer.

    Palm.... when are we getting the 2.0 update?
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    Palm Availability details will be announced closer to the update's release.
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    Charlie Ray you mean "in the coming months". What kind of detail is that? if your company can not offer a firm date then why even make an announcement like that? I want a date. I want to know when I am going to be able to keep up with the surrounding technology. I am not alone. we want a date, not a vague statement that may or may not happen in the immediate future. the OS is out on the pre 2. there is no reason it can not be released to the current phones.
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    Palm Hi Charlie. There are a lot of factors that determine the update's release date including development, testing and - importantly - carrier certification and support training. An exact date will be communicated when one is available.
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    .Charlie Ray Thank you for your response. what is the possibility of the homebrew community getting the update? just bypass the slow SLOW carriers so we the more experienced users can get up-to-date? I feel we have been more than patient in waiting.
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    Palm We can't deliver an update to a carrier's customers until that carrier is ready to deploy and support the update. That said, unlocked devices don't require carrier certification...
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    .Charlie Ray Are you recommending that we buy a $500 Palm Pre 2 in order to get 2.0? I will trade in my perfectly good palm pre plus on one if that's an option. However I feel I already know the answer to that question. I would like to say thank you for... responding to my posts. Though I am no more in the know than I was when I started this conversation. I am a frustrated palm fan. I would like to remain a palm fan, however the fact that we have been giving seemingly false hope dose not strengthen my loyalty of the brand. Please inspire me to stay with the company, otherwise I and I am sure many others will go to the competition, and with what has been happening with palm it seems like to me the company would count each customer as very important.
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    Hey, aren't the unlocked Pre/Pluses? Where is the 2.0 Doctor for those phones?
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    As far as I understand we'll all be getting the update OTA (Pre Plus). Will this be totally automatic or will I have to initiate the update when prompted by my Pre? Can you offer advice on how to best prepare the device; ie. patches, apps, ect. If we have to un-install patches does Preware remember what you had?
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    If you don't initiate it, the update will happen automatically anyway within about a week of the update being released.
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    Does anyone know when Sprint will release WebOS 2.0 (or, 2.01) OTA?
    Every morning I click, "Updates" hoping to install the newest WebOS onto my 1GHZ Palm Pre minus.
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    If past updates are any indication, you will know exactly what to do by the time Verizon gets around to pushing an update.

    From the looks of things Android is top priority for Verizon and everything else gets pushed around for it. Not many of the devices are even on 2.2 yet with 2.3 release Verizon will be busy certifying that first. Come January/february Windows phone 7 update will also be rolled out and there will be extensive testing and limiting of features at Verizon (which always delays their update roll outs).

    Thus in my opinion it will be another 2-3 months before you will see an update for Palm Pre Plus on Verizon.
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    Yeah. I guess its a cool feature, but I usually close all my apps when I'm done, I rarely have more than a few apps open at once. :\
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    nice but i dont see myself using it. i never had have more than several cards open. the only time that i had more than 5 cards open was just seeing how may i could get before the tmc or system slow down.

    dont see what the fuss is about tmc as that who really opens that many cards anyways.
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    I don't like scrolling through cards and I don't like having more than two open. There are times when I am busy or something and have more than three open. In that case I use minicard view to quickly get a view of the "big picture" to see what I need to close. So yes to stacks, but I still want my mini cards
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    Once you have hardware capable of running many cards without a TMC error, you'll appreciate stacks more. I've had to train myself not to throw away cards on my Pre2, because it's easier just to have them open all the time and the 2 can handle it no problem. Generally have about 6-8 cards open all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whodo_voodoo View Post
    I think it's one of the features that is going to shine best when coupled to new hardware that can handle keeping a lot number of apps open in the background.
    Yeah, the more cards u can keep open, the more useful stacks might be.

    Will this be useful at all on an original pre? Is that a factor in why we don't have the update yet?
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    i'm pretty confident that stacks wil help keep me from accidentally throwing cards away.
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    Stacks are going to be useful if you open up 3 or more apps and each of those apps load up several cards. An app might load up several cards in these scenarios:

    - The app launches another app. For instance, an app launches a web page in the Web app, or an app launches a "compose email" card.

    - Instead of simply pushing a scene when performing an action, the developer decides to open up a new card. So for instance, let's say you're using an app that keeps notes, and you create a new note. If the "create note" action is loaded into a new card, you could reference your other notes when creating the new note.

    So what's nice about Stacks is that new cards loaded from an app are grouped together automatically. If you have 3 apps open with 2 cards each, instead of scrolling through 6 open cards, you only have to scroll between 3 stacks. And imagine if you had even more apps or cards open.
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    Multi tasking in general on webOS is very powerful and anything to improve it will be good. I broke my pre and have been using my wife's android. Wow android sucks for multi tasking.

    On my pre I would often use dr podder and navigation at the same time. They play really nice together. If the nav lady needs to tell me something, she turns the volume down on dr podder and turns it back up when she is done. If the phone rings, I can answer it with out losing my spot. This happens at the OS level

    On android, I start the pod cast, then open navigation, the pod cast stops! Both apps are still running so they are technically multi tasking, but they don't function at the same time. When I go back to the pod cast, I have to find myself all over again. When I go back to maps, it has killed my navigation session and I have to start over again. Phone rings? Everything else is dead and I have to start over. What a pain. Maybe specific developers could code a way around this, but the didn't and the OS doesn't make it easy.
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    When WebOS 2.0.1 will be rolled out to us???????????

    I'm with BELL and it seems that BELL won't have the PRE 2, does this will make that the update from 1.4.5 to 2.0.1 won't be available with BELL????

    Will it be a gift for Christmas???


    Alain (abellemare44)
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    PS: sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language
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    Not excited at all with STACKS!!!!
    Alain (abellemare44)
    HP Pre3 2.2.4 (ATT 4G 16 Gigs) with BELL in Canada

    HP TouchPad 16 Gigs Wifi
    With UberKernel 3.0.4 1,8 Ghz
    Cyanogenmod 7 Alpha 3,5 Android 2.3.7

    PS: sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language
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    very excited about stacks here
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    Stacks are going to be useful if you open up 3 or more apps and each of those apps load up several cards. An app might load up several cards...
    Multicard apps are I hope going to become a common feature of future webOS apps, functioning sort of like tabs with browsers. Or something like a doc editor, editor window in one card and a second card full of your style buttons, tools etc. I could also see this linking in with enyo fairly well based on the demo they gave.

    Running on tablet -> views open up next to each other as shown in the demo
    Running on a phone -> next 'view' pops up as a separate tab or replaces the first as reqiured.
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    I actually think carriers who aren't getting the Pre2 will be more likely to get WebOS 2.0 out without delay. If a carrier is getting the Pre2, they'll want to get at least some to use their upgrade on the Pre2 before they give away the milk for free...

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