View Poll Results: Are you finished with Palm or is webOS 2.0 enough to keep you satisfied?

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  • I am all for the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0!!!

    78 44.57%
  • Hardware on Pre 2 is the same as the original Pre but I love webOS 2.0!

    73 41.71%
  • I want the Pre 2 but webOS 2.0 still needs some major work before I will be satisfied

    9 5.14%
  • I'm done with Palm! WebOS 2.0 isn't enough to keep me satisfied.

    15 8.57%
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    I can't wait either. Hmmm... "coming months"...
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    Palm has already said that 2.0 will be coming to original Pre's (minus). It'll be an OTA update....don't know whether or not you could get it beforehand with the doctor
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    How many people started tapping the update button this morning in hopes that, with the SFR release, 2.0 would come OTA as well? I know some people did it....
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    I'm sorry, but I did it...
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    ......ah.......actually I did wait until tonight!!!
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    it won't be out for a while, when Palm says, "coming months" they usually mean it.
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    Yep, I'm excited to see how my Pre rocks 2.0. With overclocking and Seidio, it's a great phone. A zippier, fancier OS will just be gravy.
  8. #568 I'm assuming this webos 2.0 will also be available as an update on the Pre + (btw..I'm coming from the Android platform and while it was very cool, my Palm Pre + is blowing me away. So happy...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    Realistically what is missing in palm pre? Software or hardware? Everyone says they love the OS and multitasking and notifications but would not recommend pre to friends and families due to hardware issues.

    If Palm makes hardware just close to iphone-4 and Droid X or Droid Global, no one is going to buy palm. Only people who would buy it will be people who had palm phones and want to update their hardwares. Palm will not be able to sell a iphone-4 hardware caliber phone to masses 7-10 months after iphone -4 came out. What they need to do is built such a kick *** hardware that iphone and droids need to catch up to us in next 6 months. Then masses will buy palm pre because it is the best hardware, What they need is
    --- atleast 3.7 inch screen,
    dual core processor before motorola or HTC release it & they will release it soon
    1Gb RAM, I know 500G is enough right now, but again we need to build a beast of a device to get the masses
    Option of 4G
    Front facing camera
    resolution better than 960x640 maybe 720
    A 1500mA battery
    I swear if palm pre has only this hardware upgrades and NOTHING else, millions of people would buy it. On the other hand if they came out with a lame *** pre-3 with 1.3 single core processor, 512 MB RAM, 840x480 resolution, it will be like pre -2, with only people upgrading are the ones with pre. That would be end of Palm and H/P would take over
    I hate to break it to you, but the things you listed only matter to the techy/geeky guys on this forum. The average person does not give a damn as to what kind of CPU, how much ram, and what size the screen is (to an extent). What the average person cares about is the whole package. How does it look, how does it perform, name recognition, reliability, app catalog. Palm needs to make a device that when people play with it in the store, it makes them want to buy it. And they have properly advertise the potential of the device.

    Look at it this way: is the EVO what is considered the top of the line device by your standards? But how many people have you ever seen using it? And look at all of the Droid this Droid that. Even I don't have the slightest idea of what separates the multitudes of devices with the name Droid whatever.

    Nothing will ever compete with the iPhone. Even if a device is better, Apple has their name out there. When you say smartphone, the first thing that comes to people's minds is iPhone. It is the gold standard, even if it's not the best. Palm does not need to outdo the iPhone. Even if they create a better device, it wouldn't matter. What Palm needs to do is create a balanced device that will have all of the aspects that people care about. It has to be fast, simple, reliable, and above all, recognizable.

    The original Pre was a good device by the standards of it's time. But it miserably failed due to poor reliability, slow and clunky ui, tiny app catalog, and awful advertising. The Pre 2.0 is the first device Palm should have released, because with the WebOS 2.0 update, the OS seems to be finally finished. Of course I understand that what I just proposed could not have happened, but if Palm had better advertising, the device would have done better.

    Another example: the Wii outsold both xbox 360 and ps3 by leaps and bounds for years, running on inferior hardware and mostly crappy games. Why? Because they came up with an ingenious and novel control system, and put together an amazing package. When kids and adults played a demo, they had to have one. I bought mine more than a year after it came out, and there was still a line. Now the PS3 and xbox 360 are coming out with similar controller schemes. As a potential investor, I'm not buying sony or ms stock because of that. For all I know it may be a better system. But it's not a Wii.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donjt81 View Post
    I dont understand what HP is doing with this whole web OS 2.0 on another crappy Pre2. Dont get me wrong I want web OS 2.0 right now but this new software release has some pretty substantial changes to it. Why not hold off and release it with a brand new device. A new company (HP), new revamped software (webOS2.0) and a new top of the line hardware. They need to sell this whole idea of "under new management".

    A new consumer is not going to say "ooo nice web os 2.0. I am going to over look the crappy hardware and buy this just for the software." Its a package. A great software like web os atleast needs to be paired with a decent up to date hardware.

    Web OS 2.0 will always be the best mobile software platform out there that no one will ever know about because they dont know how to sell it to the consumer.
    I'm just curious, what exactly is not up to date with the Pre 2? It runs on the same CPU as the iPhone 4, and has similar internal specs? Screen resolution too low? Screen size too small? All of those things are subjective. I didn't find the iPhone's retina display to be all that impressive compared to it's predecessor, and I find the overall device too big. Yes, it's nice that they could cram all of those pixels in the display, but if it doesn't translate into real-world usability and benefits, who cares? I mean, are you really going to watch movies on your phone? You have time for that? If so, I envy you.
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    Does anybody have an information about new enhancements for the calender? Especially: will there be only the main exchange-calendar supported or is it possible to get the subcalendars?
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    This is like the most anticipated update for the webos community. Can't wait to use stacks and just type. Oops! Almost forget Adobe Flash Player. :-D
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    I'm just really looking forward to a better working spell checking program, cause I'm a horrible speller. As well maybe a third party turn by turn nav app.
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    I've been searching through all the new articles on Webos 2.0, and I can't find an answer to whether or not a wifi proxy will be possible on the new software. I'm hoping that the presence of VPN means proxy too, but I can't confirm it.

    Anyone know?
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    im intrested in this too, cause if not VPN is useless for me...
    i still cant believe palm didnt add proxy support to the pre with all those updates in the past :-/ and that no homebrew dev created an app/patch for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic-NKT View Post
    im intrested in this too, cause if not VPN is useless for me...
    i still cant believe palm didnt add proxy support to the pre with all those updates in the past :-/ and that no homebrew dev created an app/patch for it.
    +1. I tried to setup a squid proxy on the Pre+ but it never worked reliably. I am surprised I don't hear more people complaining about the lack of proxy.

    I really hope it is there. At work I have very poor coverage that eats up my battery, but the wi-fi uses a proxy so my phone effectively has no data connection if I turn on the wi-fi to save my battery. Lose-lose situation.
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    We all know that when WebOS 2.0 comes it will bring along flash support. On the last PalmCast, they mentioned that hulu will not play on WebOS 2.0. I was wondering if anybody had any information as to why hulu will not work?

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    I believe we won't see Hulu on webOS until they have an app for webOS featuring a paid subscription (similar to what they are doing for other smart phones).

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