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    It seems to me that multitouch is under utilized in webOS. I can think of numerous applications where MT would improve navigation on apps. When scrolling through contacts or music, using two fingures could bring up an alphabet scroll bar. When scrolling a web page, two fingers could increase the scroll speed or bring up a scroll bar. Three fingers could jump to top/bottom of the page. Why don't we see anything like this? Could patches add this functionality?
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    The Sims 3 is the only thing I've come across to make use of multi touch.
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    You mustn't have come across the web browser or the photos app, then.

    As for your idea: cool idea. But a company cannot implement every fan idea into every product. I would like two-fingers upswipe to act as M+ and two-fingers downswipe as MR in the calculator. Why doesn't the Android calculator use this quite basic feature? Two-finger swiping to the left or right in the launcher could quickly move you to the left-most or right-most launcher page. Why can't Apple implement such a multitouch feature?

    The answer is: they COULD. But if they wanted to implement EVERY SINGLE CONCEIVABLE FEATURE, they could employ a medium-sized nation and not get done with the coding before the world ends in 2012. A million people can come up with a million cool feature ideas, and you'll end up with a horribly intransparent mess of bloatware.
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    ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
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    what? I didn't say multitouch isn't used... I said it isn't used enough... And I asked if apps can be patched to utilize it more...
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    Well part of the problem is that "custom" multitouch events are only available for developers in PDK apps. SDK apps can only do the basic canned multitouch (ie zoom). Now that PDK apps are easier to develop, I think we'll see more prevalent multitouch in apps in the near future.
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    Pixi Dust is like based around multi touch.

    I agree, multi touch "gestures" would be a great addition and would add a whole new level to customization of like navigation, ease of access, etc.
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    Ah yeah, Pixi Dust. People really ought to install this and play with it, even if it's not something they'd normally be interested in, just to see how much fun three-, four-, and even five-finger multitouch can be.
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    i had pixi dust and deleted it. im gonna get it again because there is apparently a lot that i've missed. still i'd like to see multi-touch used more for more than jus games, ie for navigation in apps.

    perhaps the hybrid apps in webos 2.0 will allow for multi-touch in some of the more basic apps...
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    I would like to see that as well. I'm suggesting people try Pixi Dust because if nothing else, it's a good way to see for yourself that the Pre can indeed register five-finger gestures.
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    It's going to be lovely when instead of having buttons do things in apps, invisible and unexplained (outside of unread help files and faqs of course) multitouch gestures will be used for navigation. Of course, every gesture will do something different in each app as each app does something different and it's going to be difficult to find multitouch gestures that could be used consistently across everything, beyond pinch-to-zoom maybe. Why keep things easy and intuitive when you can have feature creep and 300-page documentation?

    So this is my new answer (as apparently my last one was crazy talk to some people... hahaha "palm cannot honor every feature request" - "whuhh? " ): I don't think multitouch is underutilized at all. I think multitouch is a nice feature for devs to be able to use, but is nothing that should be plastered everywhere just for the sake of it... in my personal opinion, it's much easier to overutilize multitouch that underutilize it.

    If patches could be made expanding certain (core) apps by advanced multitouch gestures - fantastic. I wouldn't download them, but if you would, more power to you. I just definitely wouldn't like to see Palm cram a number of obscure advanced multitouch gestures for every conceivable feature into every conceivable app... but they wouldn't do that anyway. And other devs won't do it either - there's a reason why people haven't been doing it, and it's not that devs are too stupid. Maybe they're too intelligent. When designing a UI, you have to decide whom you're designing it for.

    If your users can choose from a veritable smorgasbord of different actions to take, and all of them are for all intents and purposes invisible and require manual-reading to comprehend, your users will be 57-year old UNIX admins who will complain about the app having a graphical user interface at all, because a command line would have been the easiest way.

    If you actually want to sell something, users don't look for powerful, they look for easy. They look for the iPhone, where 99% of user interaction is in the form of pressing a button - and understandably so, there are few things that are more intuitive than that. In fact, one of the biggest complaints I hear about webOS is that the gesture area is too difficult to understand, even though it's a navigation paradigm consistent throughout the OS: "why didn't they just make a "back" and a "forward" button?"
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    my friend, The reaction you get is because your overly harsh for no apparent reason. This isn't a matter of 'intelligence' it's a matter of opinion. No one is asking Palm to honor ever request or convolute the feature set. The fact that devs haven't done it yet doesn't neccisarily speak to plausability, there are still new patches and updates coming out that improve the functionality of the phone.

    secondly, why do you assume that every app would handle added gestures differently. Why couldn't it be a standard like pinch to zoom. One finger scrolls at normal speed. Two fingures scroll quickly or alphabetically. Apple's been doing something similar with their multitouch trackpads, and it certainly hasn't resulted in decreased sales.

    Also, why do insist that added gestures would convolute the navigation process? You're exaggerating. I'm not saying make it impossible to navigate an app by REQUIRING complex movements to get around. I'm suggesting a solution to a problem that exists now: navigating long lists in apps or long webpages is cumbersome. If you have a better idea state it. If you don't think there's a problem that's fine too (people refusal to use the contacts app says otherwise). But your reasoning is far more extreme than the suggestion. Perhaps you should take a step back.
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    Wow. The guy just said it was underutilized (as he's already pointed out), not that it should be everywhere. Why are some of you acting as though he demanded that it be everywhere? And he's right- there isn't much screen real estate for buttons on the Pre (let alone the Pixi), and gesture-tapping almost never works as intended (as soon as I remove my finger from the gesture area it thinks I tapped it and minimizes the cards). Implementing more multitouch gestures would make some apps much more useful and versatile. It does seem wasteful to built it in and then only use it for zooming.
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    The Piano app can do four keys at a time. Our screens can support 5 fingers at a time.
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    I only use one finger

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    HOW TO: Zip/Unzip via Pre/Pixi using Terminal
    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
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    @nacholb LMAO

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