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    I've struggled to install Advanced Configuration for App Launcher in recent days and it has occurred to me that a lot of the conflicts between patches could be avoided if HP-Palm were to create a framework for add-ons to webOS. I don't mean this to denigrate any Homebrew developer, far from it, I really love their work and probably wouldn't still be using my Palm Pre if it weren't for the work of the Homebrew community. But ultimately, when you are messing with the innards of an operating system, it helps to be able to turn to the authors of that OS for the tools to do so.

    Palm needs to create an extension framework for webOS. We've already seen the things that can be accomplished through Homebrew patches and having an officially sanctioned API for creating extensions for webOS can only make things easier for developers. Think about it. No more Luna restarts! An easy way to manage conflicts! It might even make things easier for Palm and HP. They are talking about porting webOS to a wide variety of form factors and having an easy way to modify their OS can only help them in the long run.
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    Yes, i agree.
    Not only that, but Palm should've done this last year, when the public was still interested.
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    I'd be happier if Palm made a phone that doesn't need patches and overclocking to be a great experience. Homebrew is great, but it's bull**** that people are installing how ever many patches they do on their phones. Most of those patches are features that should've been on the phone in the first place. Palm need to get their freakin act together.
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    it doesn't matter what an OS has, it's never enough. Someone will always hack, slash, and patch it to their (and others) liking.

    I think Palm did just fine with webOS and allowing (and not trying to defeat the creativity; see ',2817,2367037,00.asp ) homebrew to contribute their efforts and allowing me to choose 'which' features I want and don't.

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