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    I have problems to write numbers in a text (note, sms, email...) They are automatically linked and i can't correct them because they start up Browser...
    (sorry for my english)
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    Numbers don't turn into a link until you send the text or email, or save the note. For notes it can be a little annoying to touch past it and backspace, but for SMS and email, you can't edit it once it has been sent anyway.

    If you need to modify the number and resend it, highlight it and copy it, past it into your new message and it won't be a link anymore.
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    I have the same problem, but modeerf's fix won't work completely: my text ends with a phone number with slash and hyphen, and it will get converted to a link even after pasting.

    Are ther any other suggestions on how to remove links from text? Thanks!
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    Reply to self:

    At least for .signature, a fix is here.

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