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    I thought it would be nice for the email application to take advantage of GPS or location services and provide a different notification for emails for different accounts while you're in different locations.

    Example, while at home, my personal email would be a normal system sound notification. While at work it would be silent, without me having to switch it. Also while at home, my work email notifications would be silent. While at work my work emails would have a system notification.

    I know this cannot be done with the current application and OS version, just something I hope to see in the future.
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    I haven't played with Mode Switcher in a while but I wonder if it is able to accomplish this. Might play around with again to see.
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    mode switcher has evolved I would install and try it.
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    The above suggestions for Mode Switcher sounds like just the thing you are looking for. I downloaded Mode Switcher yesterday and am just starting to use it. I seems easy to setup and everything I have tried so far works well.
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