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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    I find the small swipe up with my thumb uses much less energy than having to position the phone and my thumb just right to hit the button. And the swipe up only has to be like half a centimeter to register.

    And what's nice is you do one quick swipe up to minimize and another to bring up the launcher. No additional taps necessary.
    This is some of the saddest conversation I've ever witnessed. I personally like the button cause it ALWAYS works, but the debate over who can burn .00001 less calories in the process of using their phone is ridiculous.
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    Use mine all the time too. Realize there are other ways to accomplish the same tasks, but I'm just a creature of habit, I guess.
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    I used to use it to minimize apps, but it all of a sudden it stopped working..still blinks, but that's it. Now I swipe and like it a lot better. Just like a Pre Plus I suppose.
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    I use mine all the time too
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    I have a Palm Pixi and I've played around with the Palm Pre. I don't really like the feel of the button over the Palm Pixi's nice surface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    I've never used it. Only purpose I've used it for is notifications.
    Yep! Same as NachoB and HelloNnnewman. The only purpose it serves for me is that it lights up for notifications, which is handy if my Pre was in my phone or my purse and I didn't hear the alert or when I wake up in the morning, since I keep it muted at night.

    As to its actual functionality, I have no use for it. You can do everything it does, by other means and I find those to be much more convenient, but this just a matter of personal preference.

    I've found myself picking up my roommates Pre Plus and I don't even notice that the button isn't there.
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    Its about 25/75 for me, I just use it to remind my self its there
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    I use mine all the time. It's simple and it's clean w/o having to remember tricks.
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