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    I noticed on my Pre speed dial didnt always work. I got PhotoDialer and its a really good app but its another icon on my quick launcher which annoys me. When I got my Pixi+ the speed dial seemed to work much better but Im starting to notice lately its crappy like it was on the Pre. All of my keyboard keys seem to be working great. No missing or double type and everything seems solid. Ill hold the key down and usually it will at least pop up the name of who Im trying to call but more and more often it just shows apps that start with that letter and ignores the contact all together. Has anyone else had this happen?
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    Yes, my original Pre does this all the time. It is not CONSISTENT! Its very annoying because I, like you, like to press and hold down the key and would like this feature to work. Very annoying. It is not CONSISTENT!

    I am not sure if this is a hardware of just a software feature issue.
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    YES! same here...very very annoying

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