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    Can you use GPS or Email while roaming (using roam only patch)? I dont get good sprint service in my dorm room (moved in today) and i am usually roaming but always connected to wifi.

    I use foursquare everyday and now when i am roaming foursquare doesn't load. So i am not able to use foursquare when roaming.

    And i cant seem o get emails out while roaming even when connected to wifi.

    Is this a problem isolated to me or is this common for everyone. and if so, is there a fix?
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    GPS should work, as it is unrelated to data services, although most apps that invole GPS also require data (e.g. Google Maps). You can turn on data roaming from within the phone app. Go to prefferences, then set data roaming to enabled. As far as I remember, that's all you have to do.
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    i have that all set that way and i still have the problem.

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