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    Okay, so verizon typically replaces broken phones on warranty that go EOL with other phones.
    (ex: some droid's are replaced with droid 2s, envs got replaced with env 2s, etc.)

    So my question is, now that the pre plus is getting phased out, what will verizon replace your pre plus with if it stops working in about a year?
    The ever-rumored "new palm device", an android phone, what do you guys think?

    erk: wrong section =P sorry guys
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    A refurbished one.
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    they will have refurbs available for another year or two. they just ran out of Centros a few months ago.
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    Yes, doesn't asurion have tons of extra phones?
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    Yes, doesn't asurion have tons of extra phones?
    Yep, that's their job!
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    But you have to factor in how high the demand for refurbs is with the unreliable hardware... So they should run out pretty quickly LOL

    I wish they offered a trade in program to switch your phone for another refurbished phone in like condition.
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    I have heard stories of this, but no one I speak to in person (myself included) has EVER gotten a "free" upgrade in lieu of a replacement. I even had a Treo replaced on another account (via asurion) in January, long after they had been out of warranty. Trust me, I WANTED the upgrade thingy

    What about 7 year statute of limitations?

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