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    In tech, the Mad Money host took issue with Hewlett-Packard’s bid for 3Par, which came in $6 a share higher than Dell’s already-inflated offer. The fact that HP is doing this without an established replacement for the recently departed CEO, Mark Hurd, and the company has announced its virtual absence in a market that Cramer “thought they owned,” is “really just another sign of companies not knowing what they’re doing,” he said.

    “If you needed one more reason to sell Hewlett-Packard,” Cramer said, “they just keep giving them to you.”
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    Jim Cramer the guy who got his ***** handed to him in Jon Steward show...
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    Jim Cramer in a TV personality..... Ignore.
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    Some people like him... who am I to judge? I don't have the $ to worry about who to listen to for investment advice, but they guy has hit some accurate calls and dogged some. Isn't investing about as accurate as throwing darts at a newspaper anyway? May be a mute point anyway since Dell may be upping their bid to try and take the deal away from HP.
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    Kramer also recommended buying AIG, Bear Stearnes, and a bunch of other financial stocks that tanked in the crash. He's just a junk bind trader with a big mouth on a network no one watches...
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    IAG, or AIG?
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    He was so right about Bear Sterns wasn't he!!

    5 days before Bear Sterns pretty much went bust and was bought by JP Morgan for pittance..."Bear Sterns is fine, do not take your money out. Bear Sterns is not in trouble"

    Entertainment is what Cramer is worth, nothing more.
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    For those that don't actually read the article, here is the quote that proves Cramer to be an *****:

    the company has announced its virtual absence in a market that Cramer “thought they owned,” is “really just another sign of companies not knowing what they’re doing,” he said.>>

    In other words, the fact that Cramer "thought" they owned a market where they didn't demonstrates that HP doesn't know what they are doing. How about if Cramer didn't know (he didn't have accurate facts)- then HE doesn't know what he is doing... Nothing like knowing about a company before having an opinion.

    Besides, HP isn't "virtually absent", but they are looking for rapid growth and deepening their play. If you look at other articles from actual journalists, they talk about how this fits with aspects of HP already in this space.

    So the next time Cramer decides a company doesn't know what it it doing because he is mistaken about his knowledge of the company... you can understand how he lead so many astray and into the financial crisis.

    I can't believe he is still on the air.
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    Do opposite of what he tells you and you will make money....=D
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    <<hopes Cramer says webOS is worthless and will die... then the opposite will happen>>
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    IF you want to watch a show on cnbc for investment tips, then Fast Money is the one to watch. Cramer is just a personality guy with only subpar calls. Way too much yelling and theatrics rather than substance...
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    hey if you like it, so must watch it, but if you dont, you can just ignore it
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    you would do better letting a monkey circle stocks in WSJ than take advice from Cramer.
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    Just remember - he said Netflix was dead when Blockbuster entered the dvds by mail business. And which company is about to go into chapter 11?
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