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    So I have a problem with installing patches because I didn't uninstall Command Line correctly before upgrading to 1.4.5. It's very annoying, but I'm not prepared to doctor my phone just to get that functionality back.

    So, I know there are four picture files that you need to delete or replace in order for the screen to be square. What are they and where are they located?

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    Can't help with the squarification, but
    instead of doctoring what about using WebOs-Repair-Utility?
    With Compatibility-Check disabled you will have a restored Palm without loosing
    Programs or Data, just Patches have to be reinstalled.
    Albeit I'm not shure wether there is a patch for squarification.

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    Getting the four rounded corners of your pre or pixi, has to be done through webosQI. If there is another way.. I would love to know.

    What is wrong with doctoring your phone? Haven't you ever been to the doctor before? Webos doctor is a tool which corrects the unresponsive touch of the phone's screen. Eliminates sluggish, and constant freezes that might be developed over a period of constant using. Overall, webos doctor, webos repair utility, webos quickinstall, plus many others are the best friends for your phone.
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    The webOS Repair Utility was created because using the Doctor is like using a nuclear bomb to mow the lawn sometimes. Instead of wiping everything with the Doctor, the RU allows the same thing to be accomplished by using the same Doctor file and simply looking for corrupt and/or missing files. The RU is less invasive and faster - while still using the Doctor to supply files as needed. No need to worry about patches and all that stuff with the RU. It was created because the Doctor doesn't need to be run for small issues.
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    The Repair Utility did the trick. WebOSDoctor is too invasive. I don't like to do it as it deletes all my texts also.

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