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As soon as HP was announced the buyer of Palm, I have maintained that HP will not have much trouble getting apps created for the webOS line. Even if they have to create many of their own, (which I don't think will be an issue beyond the first few months).

This due to HP's clout, Palm would & is suppling help in porting software to webOS. Palm created two different types of software that helps port apps to webOS. (Since the techno babble is often beyond me, apparently one type of software helps port games and the other helps port apps other than games). Extremely sophisticated 3D games have been ported in as little as ONE AFTERNOON!

In some cases, Palm has supplied labor to software firms free of charge. Palm has put together a third part app creation program.

Now it seems the tech writers have caught on, that HP buying Palm was a win-win for all of us palm lovers.

At this point and time, I think the title of the article below should be changed to "Not Overly Daunting App Battle".

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Daunting App Battle
by John Turner on August 23, 2010

Daunting App Battle

Excess of numerous applications at Apple’s iOS App Store and at Android Market is explained by HP preparation for webOS tablet launch, being a high spot for developers thanks to iPod’s exclusive popularity. As for Androids, those apps may not be tailored for a tablet’s larger display.

The release of webOS tablet reveals Hewlett-Packard main task for now along with device construction to make developers believe it is essential to write apps for mobile device. Though they should be careful, taking into consideration market situation, suggesting numerous tablets running Google’s Android OS and popular Apple’s iPod.

So, competition between the Palm Pre, bought by HP in April, and the Apple iPhone was misfortune for Pre because of main drawback – lack of mobile apps. Meanwhile, iPhone hosted tens of thousands of apps.

Hewlett-Packard’s sizable investment in webOS assures there won’t be alike Palm situation, though it won’t be a considerable damage to HP in case of webOS failure. If the webOS tablet is fiasco, they for sure have means to start an Android slate (or two).

What is more there is a dangerous challenge from other side in case if platform-specific apps are of great importance for tablet as well as smartphone users.