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    I was in a meeting at my job today regarding our mobile sites and properties (because i don't know if these numbers are confidential, i'm leaving out my exact job, but we are a very popular cable network).

    anyway, we were going over our mobile properties and I saw a list of the top 15 phone devices that access our website.

    The Pixi was actually ahead of the a few spots. I don't have the list on me now (but i'm getting it in a bit) but I was VERY surprised by this.

    The Pre ended up being one in front of the iPad.

    Just wanted to share that as I find it very interesting. I'll try to get the full list in a bit.
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    and just like that....i was a bit off, its actually for mobile video not the web:
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    I'm surprised at the results. More so by the iPad. I would assume anything without a webkit browser would rarely be used because it would be such a poor browser. It may also say more about who uses cable than the popularity of the device. Perhaps iPad users are skewed heavily to satellite or OTA?
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    Maybe the Pre is ranked so low because many users have the iphone sppf patch installed?
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    hey, I just noticed that the title is for "mobile video"... what sort of video are you serving? HTML5?

    Format could also make a huge difference... what is being served from your site?
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    Actually Fart numbers on it.

    This is for ESPN mobile website. They have video clips like "dunk of the day" or something of that nature. So this is served through HTML5 on some browsers, but for blackberry's i think it opens in their video app (which not sure what format they play in).
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    That looks all too familiar to me!
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    Weird. only seen one person with a Pixi, several with a Pre...
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    Quote Originally Posted by yobgup View Post
    Weird. only seen one person with a Pixi, several with a Pre...
    First thing i thought when I saw it...I wonder if the Pixi did better than we though.

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