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    A little while ago, I imported a large list of contacts into a Google account. My phone then synched them, and all seemed well. I'm starting to notice an oddity, though. Here's an example of the name field of a couple of contacts:

    John James and Jane Mary Smith
    Adam Robert and Mary Elizabeth Jones
    ... and so on...

    Now, it seems like I should be able to search by John, James, Jane, Mary, Smith, Adam, Robert, Elizabeth or Jones. On mine, though, that doesn't work. If I search for "Smith", I don't get the first contact, but if I search for "John" I do. "Elizabeth" brings up nothing, but "Jones" does. "Mary" should bring up 2 contacts, but only 1 appears.

    How should this work? Should universal search be able to find any word in a contact's name? If not, what are the "rules"? Many thanks in advance.
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    If you type in Ja it should bring up Jane, James, Jamie whatever you have in there whether it's first of last name. That's weird. Have you checked the contacts as far as the edit button goes?
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    try typing just the first and last initials. Sometimes that helps. Put a space between:

    J S
    M J

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    Thanks for the replies. It appears that just using initials doesn't help matters-- the contact that should appear doesn't. I verified that if I find a contact by other means (scrolling the list, for example) I can edit it.

    I had a couple minutes so I also text chatted with Palm support. In fact, I sent them the URL for this thread. I haven't had time to try it, but they said that the presence of the word "and" in a contact can cause problems. I'm in a meeting now, but as soon as I have a few minutes I'm going to see about that.

    Again, thanks for the replies.
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    Just make sure everything is kosher in your contacts. I'm anal about it so i have area code, first and last name and all that correct. Maybe the first and last name are both on the same line?
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