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    Yes, Palm knows about this problem (see Possible Palm Profile issues causing (temporary) device wipes? [Updated]). But I don't know if they plan to fix this or if this is already fixed. Does anyone had this issue in the last few weeks?

    Maybe I'll upload a patched file of accountservices.jar in the next time. But I can't promise that this one will prevent you from this or other problems.
    After it happend to me I informed Hardbeatz as requested. It never happened again, but I don't know if Hardbeatz actual did something.
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    Yesterday got a reset screen twice. Never happened before. Choice to reset or clear data. Chose reset & things went back to normal. Happened again today & now stuck in Sign-In, but any email I might have used for Profile is not recognized. Called support & they were no help. Am I going to have to lose all data? Use phone about 3 months without any problems til now.
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    Note that I'm no longer working on this patch, since it never happened to me again and in webOS 2.0 this Java service is removed.
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    Has this patch proven to be effective?
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    I didn't patch the source file because I never got the message again, so I couldn't test it.
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