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    Howdy, everyone! Back when I used to have an iPhone, there were all sorts of texting apps that gave you a short, six digit number, and then let you text over your internet connection. Is there any sort of thing like this on WebOS? It would be an added hassle, but it would cut back on my AT&T bill if I only had to pay for a data connection (internet service is fantastic where I live) instead of both data and messaging. Thoughts on how to accomplish this?
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    We used to have GV but it's no longer supported, unfortunately.

    Perhaps, you'd be interested in iDialPlan SMSi
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    Google voice mobile site works well for this......or does for me at any rate.
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    I've thought about using GV, as I used to use it on the iPhone and it worked great. Is there anyway to receive notifications of new texts with GV on WebOS? I booted up the homebrew app when I first got my Pre, and it seemed sort of . . . rickity. . . The website can't tap into WebOS notifications, can it?
    iDial looks interesting, however, sending texts for free would be even better. :P

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