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    My Pre has died last night, and WebOS doctor, the one time I want it to work, it can't. It gets stuck at 8% no matter what, and will not progress. I talked to the people at Palm, and they claim it is a hardware failure. As I understand, at 9%, the "Palm" logo is supposed to change to a picture of an integrated circuit, but mine doesn't.

    I love my Pre.

    I would try that "last resort" thing that is advertised on webos-internals, but my Linux machine can't detect my Pre for some reason, and it's a little too complicated for me. Can anyone help me decipher it?

    I should be getting a new Pre on Tuesday from Sprint, but I'd like to salvage my phone if possible.
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    Sounds like it's a hardware failure - at which point you wouldn't be able to do anything with it. webOS Doctor will only work if your hardware works. Sorry for your loss.
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    If the device is in "Recovery Mode" Using the webOS Doctor, and it stop at 8% then it can be one or two things wrong.

    As mention above by pre-fan.. Hardware failure, or your palm profile for some reason is not recognize by webos doctor. What you could try doing is - create a dummy profile, and sign onto it then put phone back in recovery mode, and proceed with doing a webos doctoring.

    That should work, if not.. Replace the device.

    Good Luck.

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