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    I still have a year to bear with my original it'll better work...
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    I think they will have to make it work on 1st generation devices, otherwise a bunch of the user base is going to bail for iphone or Android. Besides, a lot of us (especially Pre Plus users) are locked into our phones for another year or two. If the platform wants to evolve, it'll need as big an installed user base as possible.
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    Recall that one of the upsides to webOS was the software and hardware come from the same source, they have complete control. I believe it was the intent to make apps and software backwards and forwards compatible across hardware/software with this marriage of software/hardware development.

    In contrast, I have heard, no personal experience however, that Android has become fragmented as the development marched along.

    I do not know about iphone hardware/software, if they have been compatible forwards and backwards.

    Just my thoughts.
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    The only reason I am convinced they will is that there aren't that many different Palm devices out there running webOS obviously.

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