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    okay - so, my daughter finally dropped her phone for the last time and I had to use Sprint insurance to get a refurb replacement. We got it in the mail and went to activate it last night. When you get to the screen where you put in the profile info the screen is dark blue and 2/3 of the way down the screen it looks like little puffs of clouds OR smears inside the unit... can't tell which one till I go through the complete activation process and not keen on downloading all the contacts into a phone I might have to return.

    Is there anyway I can get into my own phone and see this dark blue profile signup background so I can tell if it is just a bad choice of backgrounds OR a defective unit?
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    I think those might be clouds. When my dh got his Pixi, he called me and told me the inside of the screen was smeared, but when he took it to the Sprint store they told him those were clouds. I didn't see it myself as I wasn't home and it was a Friday afternoon, but your story sounds similar to his. I would go ahead with the activation process.
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    yep, its the clouds. Especially if there is a lot of glare around.
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