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    This has happened a few times to me. Some of my apps will lose their saved preferences and sometimes saved data. This has happened with Jotter, Timepiece (the developer is working on this), Clock, Fuel, Milez and others. At times, my email needs to be reset. It seems to happen after the battery slippage deal causes a reset. The developer of Timepiece has said he knows others are having this issue. It is getting frustrating and will drive me from the Pre if it is not settled. Are others having this issue and any ideas at a solution?
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    It just happen to me. Most my apps resetted like I just installed it. Lucky I had saverestore on. I'm glad I woke up early before my alarm went off becuse sure enough timepiece had no alarm set. I would of been late to work. Palm need to fix that asap. Also everytime someone call me it says unknown number. Phone frustating me.

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