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    1.4.5 did turn location services back on.
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    i feel like my battery life actually has been better since 1.4.5
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    I used to be able to go 12 hours before getting my 20% warning—I don't do much talking on the phone. Mostly I use the Pre for texting and IMs. Post-1.4.5 that dropped to 5 hours between full charge and forced shutdown.

    Here's the interesting thing: I went into location services, unchecked all three options, left location services, then immediately opened it back up and turned them back on. Now my battery life has gone back up. Not sure if it is back where it was yet but it's definitely much better.

    My guess is that the location services have daemon processes running and that when 1.4.5 got installed it had multiple copies of those processes running. Turning them off removed them and reenabling them only brought back one copy of each. It's just a guess.
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    running 1.4.5 and uber operating on a custom 250/1000 screenstate profile, the screenstate profile almost compensates for the extra batt usage, so I get decent battery results. I still do have to charge every day. I don't think there's too many ways around that. I also hate how long is necessary to boot once powering off due to low battery... but the device/OS is pretty cutting edge so it's understandable.
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    To those not having battery issues with 1.4.5...

    Do you use Yahoo for mail or contacts?

    I did and battery life was very bad after 1.4.5. I removed yahoo yesterday and so far it looks like battery life is back to normal...
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    Pixi plus user here ...

    no unofficial kernels, just stock operating system

    Yesterday my battery run flat after 32 hours of moderate use.
    It's not good, but not bad either

    Right now, it's been 10 hours the pixi has been unplugged from the wall charger and it's running at 72% , so the discharge rate is around 3% per hour

    But it all depends on the use you have... yesterday, I recharged the Pixi, and had a 2 hour session with Angry Birds, it almost eat all the battery
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