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    my pre dialed 911 last night while sitting on its touchstone in an empty room. has anyone seen this before?

    it is a standard sprint pre running unmodified webos 1.4.5

    *edit* it appears that when the phone is charging, it generates random input touches, whenever the screen is on. as such, i can no longer charge using my touchstone because it will eventually hit the right combination to make an emergency call. this behavior is new since i updated to 1.4.5. i'll try doctoring it tomorrow.
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    I am experiencing the same issue! It has happened twice now. Anyone else seeing this?
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    what happens after it dials? 911 operators have to record/respond to calls, so I'm curious if police showed up, etc.

    it terms of fixing it, there is a patch that removes the emergency dial shortcut and that may help you avoid this - depending on what is causing it...

    also, is there any chance you have a cat or some mice that could have been standing on your phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    also, is there any chance you have a cat or some mice that could have been standing on your phone?
    I hate it when my cat uses my phone to call for pizza... or cheezburgrs..
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    I had my Pre call a number in my phonebook by itself. It was incredibly embarassing actually. I was up at around 12:30am and the phone was sitting next to me on the sofa. And all of a sudden it starts dialing one of my work colleagues (who was asleep at the time). I had to apologize profusely and try to explain that I dialed them by accident when in fact I never even touched my phone.

    And I've had other times when the phone dialer app opened up, but luckily it didn't dial a number. I think there really is an issue with the phone dialer app, or maybe with the touchscreen falsely detecting taps.
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    Went ahead and installed the Limited emergency patch. Thanks for the suggestion. It's odd because my phone has never really had any problems with it "touching itself"...sigh.


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