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    - I would like to be able to delete my whole spam file with a couple clicks
    - also check various emails and then delete - I know swiping is pretty quick for this
    - native ap? homebrew? - not up for doing my own code or using someone elses - nd easy solution

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    have you applied the read all delete all patch in Preware?
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    From personal experience with this patch, if you're in the All Inboxes folder, it won't erase emails, you have to do each inbox from whichever email accounts you have synced. And if you're trying to erase from Gmail, it will send them to all mail instead of trash. I've tried it & I even messed with my settings & nothing. They always sent to All Mail. So I didn't really like it.
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    hmmm - that might work. I have yet to install preware - how long does it take? Many steps?
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