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    Read about it here:

    <dead link removed - see post #7 below>
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    HP sent me that in an email lol.
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    interesting since AT&T and Verizon are showing them out of stock.
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    is it true???
    if yes. what's the criteria to get one??
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    crappy link for me
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    the link takes you to the HP homepage :/
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    HP is indeed "selling" the Palm Pre, Palm Pre +, Palm Pixi, and Palm Pixi + free on the HP web site via Simplexity. I picked up two there myself about a month ago. I was surprised to see they still had them.

    If you have trouble with any links, go to then click on "smartphones and handhelds". On that page, mouseover the "smartphones and handhelds" then click on "smartphones and plans". Shop till you drop.

    Some deals include a $50 gift card. I received a bluetooth headset, car charger and case with my order. You only receive one on freebie per order, not per phone. That did not matter to us since I had a car charger from my work phone (yes I have to carry two phones) and my wife did not need the case and I am the only one to use blue headset and I already had one.
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    ok niceee
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    Unless you're in the UK in which case this does not apply at all it would seem =/
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    wrong link?

    directed to the homepage

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