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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 - Quoted for extreme truthiness
    The big failure was the advertising by all parties.
    It had little or nothing to do with carrier choice. It had everything to do with a TERRIBLE ad campaign. The Pre adds from Palm AND the ones from Sprint were both lame, both completely failed to highlight all the things that make WebOS stand apart from the competition, and both were too thin.

    The Pre had been on the market for 3 months, and I already owned one before I saw the first TV spot for one, I never saw a billboard or heard a radio ad.
    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    It is as if you said that the result a dog and a cat mating was a giraffe. It's so completely wrong, that it's difficult to argue with someone who believes it to be true.
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    it definitely had to do with carrier choice in that the smallest majir carrier has fewer potential customers... And yes, the campaign was also really bad.
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    Dang, after reading "no new devices from Palm/HP till 2011" I saw this and freaked. Ya'll had me going, good job. Heart attack avoided...LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    The next phone won't be carrier exclusive....
    I hope so, but in the meantime, I'm going in next week to Verizon and hoping they have a Pre 2 left for me. I've been waiting to take advantage of my upgrade because to lose it would not make me happy, out of principle.

    I'm with Verizon for the foreseeable duration, and it would also not make me happy to miss WebOs for another year or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    I was with VZW for over 15 years as the Primary and that was never the case. I switched to Sprint for the Pre and they advise me that I can update at the upgrade rate every year.

    On another note, I don't care if it's released on all carriers at the same time. That would still mean that Sprint customers will have it at least two weeks, before VZW customers. VZW will spend two- four weeks testing it, before they pass it to the customer (similar to the updates).
    Hmmm, I'm not sure why you couldnt do that, but I can...perhaps it has to do with being a VIP member with a certain payment plan per month? not sure. I've been with vzw for about 8 years now and have had that option for a few years. I'm up for an annual upgrade in Jan 2011, 1 year since my purchase of the pre plus. and I used that to purchase the pre plus in the first place after one year with a windows mobile phone...
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    Annual upgrades on Verizon are not the same as full upgrades... on Verizon. You get the bigger discount on the full upgrade. In other words, Verizon has 2 different upgrade options with differing discounts. I do remember that some customers are 'VIP', but I don't remember how that plays into their upgrades.

    Sprint has 2 upgrade options as well but if you're a 'Premier' customer then you get the bigger discount annually. If you're on their Everything Data plan or higher, you qualify as a 'Premier' customer 6 months into the plan/contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    Sprint exclusive for 1 month! Then, goes to ATT because they did a much better job at promoting the Palm Pre Plus. Then after 6 months goes on Verizon because they are in bed with Google and they don't seem to give a damn about Palm.
    You're not really suggesting HP should reward carriers based on merit, are you? That whoever has shown the most loyalty to, uh, Predom or whatever the loonies are ranting about should get the privilege of selling their devices?

    HP needs carrier support more than the carriers need an HP device on their networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kewl 700p View Post
    Okay Sprint first for 2 weeks, then release it on Verizon, then AT&T. Either way, everyone is happy and HP/Palm will not be doomed to release it only one carrier. Android OS is on every carrier. Apple will do the same soon. HP/Palm has no choice but to release it on every carrier, but within 2 weeks of each other or even better, at the same time! Palm did release the ill-fated Palm Treo 700p on Sprint and Verizon simultaneously.
    Why suggest something that most likely has never happened before in the smartphone world? What phone do you know of in the last 5 years was released on one carrier and then released on another within 2 weeks. (I really want to know)

    And don't use overseas releases compared to US release timeframes. It needs to be relevant to your hopes.
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    I'm surprised that no one's mentioned the fact that...if Palm launches it's new device on Verizon at/near the end of the year, they're going to have to compete with "The iPhone is coming to Verizon in January!" hype.
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