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    I tried digging around the forums and all I saw were "what do you want" type posts. I want to know what happens next? Secretly all I want is Shazam but now that the PDK is out can devs give us apps that utilize the mic and give us better games or will there be another update?
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    We'll get better games with better graphics, slowly - games on other phones can be brought over relatively quickly, but original games will take longer to develop.

    No mic or camera support for apps yet. It's coming in 2.0, which could come at any point this decade.

    EDIT: Personally, I want apps to be able to use the camera - I want a good camera app with options and settings (Digital zoom, change exposure times, colour effects, backlight reduction etc.)
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    I need mic api support. Shazam, Music ID, I want.
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    um..tell Verizon to stop screwing around and get the update out?
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    Shazam does jump out as a great option, as does apps that can utilize our camera? Wouldn't it be interesting if someone could develop a video chat app (Skype, Qik anyone)? Who knows.

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