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    I have a Pre Plus and I am having a great deal of trouble connecting it to my home network. My home network consists of a pair of Linksys Routers linked by WDS. The routers both run an alternate firmware called Tomato (v1.28).

    My existing wireless clients (XP and Vista) have no trouble connecting to the network. The network is setup for WPA/WPA2 with AES encryption. My security string is a monster and very hard to type in on the Pre so after several failures I sent myself an email and copy/pasted from that into the wireless security string in the Pre Plus.

    None of this has worked. My wife also has a Pre Plus and we had the same problems.

    I also tried this at my Dad's where he has a Belkin router. On his Belkin I was only able to connect if I setup a Guest Network using a simplified key. On another network I was forced to setup using WPA and TKIP (Linksys running DD-WRT) which worked but was annoying.

    Is there some special trick to making this work with WPA2 and AES? I would rather not dumb down the home network. Is the WDS an issue? Is Tomato? Any ideas?

    Due to the complexity of getting the routers configured to connect with WDS I have not changed my encryption string or disabled WDS - but if I hear from others that they have had luck using WDS or Tomato v1.28 then maybe I will try making additional changes.

    At this point I am clear on these things:

    1) I have the right security string.
    2) I have a working wireless setup.
    3) I have correctly connected to other wireless networks.

    PS - Former network engineer and very skilled in wireless configurations.
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    From my knowledge with Tomato, you can't use a WPA2 key with WDS mode, it has to be WPA. When you try to save a config with a WPA2 key it should bark at you tell you it only supports WPA.

    I have two routers running Tomato and in WDS + Access Point mode, one is a WRT54GL and the other an Asus RT N16.
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    At work they use WPA Enterprise with a LEAP Protocol and I am able to access our secure wifi with my Pre.
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    I gave up. I still have my Tomato routers running my WDS network but I plugged another Linksys in running DD-WRT and set it up as a wired client off one of the Tomato routers. It is advertising a simple WPA2 network with a shorter passphrase and using a relatively clear channel that differs from the WDS network. This works. I've setup the main network to limit access from this new one and that's that until I have time to redesign my wireless coverage.

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