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    Is is me or did Palm slip in the OPP profile in one of the latest releases? OPP is now listed in the Device Info app, but I have yet to see is exposed anywhere in WebOS. I tried to pair my Pre with my computer, but it would only connect using PAN as a device. I have not seen any options to "transfer to DeviceName" in contacts, pictures, or calendar. Perhaps Palm will add these options to the apps in WebOS 1.5 or 2.0. Has anyone else noticed this or tried to use OPP?

    I would love to see OPP back so I could exchange pictures, contacts, and appointments with other Pre and Android owners. It could also make synchronizing these items with a PC easier assuming the right Bluetooth stack is on the PC.
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    I have it listed on my AT&T Pre Plus, running webOS 1.4.2. AT&T and Palm haven't released any updates for AT&T Pre Pluses, so it must've been there since I got it back in May.

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