I was thinking about the PalmPad and how Palm are going to handle users who have a Palm phone and a PalmPad. Obviously, your Palm profile's going to have to be able to be used with multiple devices very soon, and hopefully if you download or update an app on one of those devices it'll sync over to the other one.

This, along with the news on Chrome to Phone got me thinking... Wouldn't it be great if open cards could be manually synced between devices when the user wanted to? For example, on a PalmPad a user could be watching a TV show but have to leave for work, and wish to continue watching it on their Pre (or whatever other phone/device). It'd be really cool to be able to (for example), swipe cards DOWN off the screen to push them to designated other devices, or to gesture-tap on particular cards you wanted pushed over...

The opportunities for this would be really great I think, especially if a desktop app was developed to bring conventional PCs into the mix. You could find an article to read on your Pre, push it to your work PC to read over lunch, and then push it to your PalmPad to pick up when you got home again.

This would seem to fit with HP's intentions for the interconnected eco-system they envision for webOS, no?