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    so I had to go to sprint to get a replacement phone. I was returned my phone until my replacement was mailed to me. Sprint "erased" everything that was on my phone. So when I signed back into my profile to retrieve my contacts and apps I had someones pictures on my phone which I have no clue who they are. Sprint said it wasn't their problem. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a known issue? It sounds like a securit issue/ or perhaps a violation of privacy if this occurred during the downloading of my profile from the cloud! I want to know that my pictures aren't being distributed to someone else.
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    I've seen one other post regarding this same issue a couple of months though.
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    I assume you mean regular pictures and not the contact pictures. Pictures aren't backed up in the profile. I don't think contact pictures are backed up in the profile either. It sounds like they inadvertently swapped your phone, which is weird since they said they were going to mail you a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    The last post from this link seems like the most plausible, but still very strange. I used to do desktop support, and I can't imagine the hell we would have caught if we put one employee's backup on another employee's machine. But we had an automated way of backing up/restoring, and I bet the Sprint employee just moved the OP's stuff manually to a disk of some sort and then pushed it back on. Pending it isn't some weird glitch in the cloud, as the OP first suspected...
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    It sounds like when they redid the phone, they just did a doctor or something, expecting that to fix whatever the problem was with it and then sent it back out to someone else as a refurb. If you remember, a doctor doesn't erase the USB drive and someone in repairs probably forgot to do an erase on it.

    Your multimedia stuff that is on the USB is never stored in the cloud. That's why you lose it all, if you do a full erase on your phone.

    So, my bet is someone screwed up and didn't do all the steps they were supposed to do when refurbing this one.
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    Someone still has an image up of some of the odd pics they found in their phone, permalink:
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    well my phone had the infamous spider crack starting at thhe center gesture button. They ordered me a new one and told me to come in and pick it up on the day of delivery. So when I went in they told me that my replacement phone somehow didn't get ordered. That's when I asked how long it was going to take for one to come in as I had already waited 2 days for my replacement. He was a complete ****** about it and finally said he would replace the screen in house so I could hae a phone that worked until my replacement came in. That's making a long story short. A lot more happened and was said between me and the service tech which made me lose faith in sprints customer service skills. So I supposedly got my original back after he replaced the screen. So I don't know
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    yeah i read previously

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