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    Is there a way to get WebOS not to autocorrect on a case-by-case basis? For example, suppose you wanted (for some strange reason) to text the message, "I'll probably feel ill". The "ill" gets autocorrected to "I'll". Any way to not do that, besides by changing the spelling to "s-i-c-k"?
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    Not really. Just hit backspace after it borks the word 'ill' and it'll undo it.
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    just backspace once, then space again, and you'll keep the original word you typed. If it's something you never want to autoreplace, you can just edit the autoreplace file after you root the phone.
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    hmm... strange... somehow I never noticed the backspace thing, despite the fact that that's the normal behavior in other autocorrect cases, like capitalization and so on. Anyway, many thanks for the replies.
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    or u can manually edit the autocorrect for it, its very simple to do

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