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    .. for the last 10 days, or more, I have received "your phone is up-to-date". I have downloaded about 40 different apps and would usually have 2 or 3 that would need updating each time I checked. Is something going on? Is no one updating their apps? Is there a new OS update coming out for the Plus?? I'm on a Palm Pre Plus. Just seems weird and awful quiet. Thanks!
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    This is normal, not all apps are updated all the time. However there is a pending OS update assuming you are a VZW or ATT user (Sprint users have received theirs).

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    Are you in STL?? Just a small world - if yes, I am, too.
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    Wow STL too, very small.
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    40 (oops, 64) and Hwy 94
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    You mean Farty and 94 :-)
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    And heat and humidity are colliding today! Accuweather (on my Pre!) 96 feels like 114

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