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    Oh lawdy I don't believe my eyes:

    A weakness in the Palm Pre operating system could allow remote bugging of the device, according to a British security company.

    A specially-crafted vCard, or virtual business card, could be used to exploit the vulnerability in the Palm Pre's WebOS operating system as the handheld does not employ any security measures, Basingstoke-based WMR InfoSecurity said on Wednesday.

    The company discovered that a malicious vCard can be transferred to the phone using SMS, Bluetooth or via the web browser. Simply viewing the vCard is enough to fully compromise the business-focused handheld, which results in the intruder being able to remotely bug the device, it said.
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    I saw this posted on ZDNet. Please read.

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    I am a Verizon User and do not have the 1.4.5 upgrade as yet so I am vulnerable but I like the odds that anyone would bother to build a malicious Vcard for this small an operating system.
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    I am also a Verizon user, so that means my Palm Pre Plus is still vulnerable because I don't have 1.4.5. I highly doubt anyone is trying to hack my Pre Plus, but I still don't like the thought that someone could. Maybe someone could make a patch for Verizon and ATT users to fix this issue???
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    Let's rename the thread:
    "Verizon Risks Users' Safety by Delaying Release of WebOS Update"
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