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    Hay guys/girls... just want to say hi... i'm the tech in my office and i'm the go to "cellphone guy". so far enjoying the site, just wanted to say HI!!
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    Working on getting your post count up, just like me huh? From one newb to another, welcome...
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    Welcome to PreCentral and the world of webOS.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    kool , welcme but don't get lost in here lol . There are so many things you can do to your phone , it can get confusing ha !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Welcome! So you own a WebOS phone now? Or just taking a look to see what it's all about?
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    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Welcome to OP1 and OP2
    The WebOS coverage on p|c is awesome!
    Enjoy the Palm community.
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    It's my turn now: Thanks for making yourself visible on the forum, and more importantly - thank you for choosing one of the best Operating System available.
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    Sure have seen an awful lot of "Hi, im new here" posts lately.......AWESOME!!!
    Oh, and hi!
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    hello, welcome to the forums. good people 'round here... enjoy.
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    Glad you found this forum.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    No, there's just different rules for the OT forum, have to have 15 to use it.
    Sent from my favorite gadget!
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    Welcome to the P|C forums and your new addiction!
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    Well hello thereeee...were ya from were ya bin and were ya going? Anyways do you have a pre? If you’re new to the site I’m going to assume that you haven’t homebrewed your pre? I would highly recommend doing so if you haven’t. It really becomes a different pre altogether. Enjoy!!!!

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