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    What did the podcast fix in 1.4.5 actually do? I am still have trouble connecting to my podcasts. I use podsnatcher. It seems to only connect to the podcast about half the time. It looks like it is trying to play the podcast, but it never actually starts playing. It does not connect, I restart the application, update feeds, still won't connect, restart the application, update feeds, connects right away. Seems completely random. I was hoping this would be fixed by the update...

    Super annoying.
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    I think it was some strange redirect thing that only drNull really understands. Something about uppercase vs lowercase on a header causing the download manager to not follow the redirect.
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    It involves podcasts hosted by libsyn. Before the update, it was not possible to download these podcasts, although you could stream them. If you tried to download, the download would start and then quit almost immediately.

    Has something to do with a bug in webOS that caused the download to read only the header of libsyn podcasts and not the whole file, or something like that.

    As stated, there is more info in the thread on drPodder - look for the posts from drNull (the developer) on the subjects, he explains it better.

    I can confirm that the bug is indeed fixed in 1.4.5 as the webOS Roundup podcasts were among those affected, and I was able to download it perfectly yesterday for the first time. I use drPodder though, and cannot speak to any issues with Podsnatcher.
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    This is the best I can do for an explanation...

    This thread over on also discusses it some and has good replies by Ben:

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