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  • (Yes) Most definitely! Everything noted in the update.

    7 16.28%
  • (No) Apart from sprint t.v upgrade, that's about it.

    3 6.98%
  • (Partially) I've seen maybe one or two, that's all.

    10 23.26%
  • (What) I did an update, but did anything change? Never really check to see.

    14 32.56%
  • (Who cares) I need new hardware, or an update that fix more pressing issues.

    9 20.93%
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    Hi, Mobile Accomplisher.

    Personally, I've not seen or experience any of these changes in this update since release. Web podcasts download correctly
    Correct entry of text on Web
    Sprint branded default email signature corrected
    Power use and battery optimization
    Send video via multimedia messaging from Video application
    Video trim feature now works to send in a message

    SprintTV upgrade to V 3.5.4 and enhanced parental controls.

    If anyone have or haven't seen, or experience anyone of these changes in 1.4.5. Please select the approriate answer in the poll.
    Thank You.
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    Some of the podcasts that I had trouble with before are now working and the Sprint TV app did update. Can't say I have experienced anything else.
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    Send video / trim works. I did one just as a test
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    when typing on a web page it no longer refreshes and jumps to the top left like it used to.

    email sig won't change unless you delete the acct and then re-add.

    don't use sprint tv.

    always used the patch to send vids via sms.

    don't listen to podcasts.

    battery seems a little better, but I'm overclocking, so that does not pertain to me.
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    it was a fairly uneventful update here in Canada too. I think it had a lot more to do with the PDK exportation of apps that most were excited about. Until there's a drastic update ie 2.0, I'm not going to get real excited about anything for awhile but I am, however, glad the USA has caught up with the rest of the world....and now my VBA is 1.4.5 friendly
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    No, that's a new 1.4.5 feature... jk

    I was hoping that the fix for entering text meant thatit would zoom correctly and wrap (like typing in this box now)... But I guess it didn't.

    I don't use the other features; too soon to say about battery, but I doubt any real difference.
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    At least WEB OS still alive and Kicking to me that is the most important thing out of all this.
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    I'd have to say no. I haven't seen any change. I don't use sprint TV, I check e-mail on my phone but don't normally send. The battery "tweek" doesn't effect me either, my Pre is over clocked.
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    I still have trouble connecting to my podcasts. I use podsnatcher. It seems to only connect to the podcast about half the time. It looks like it is trying to play the podcast, but it never actually starts playing. It does not connect, I restart the application, update feeds, still won't connect, restart the application, update feeds, connects right away. Seems completely random. I was hoping this would be fixed by the update...

    Super annoying.
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    I honestly believe that they put "battery optimization" in all of the change logs just out of the concept that if you're told it enough you'll believe it.

    I chose option 5 because I wouldn't even notice any of those "changes" anyway... I've said this before but...there was no reason to get excited about 1.4.5 [unless a pixi user]
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    one of my biggest peves of webos was the text thing. I use online banking quite frequently.. And when it came to entering txt in a box it would always move screen I would having to blind type and scroll back..anywho fixed that thanks palm
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    I haven't seen any difference with Sprint TV. Is there a special way to make it update, aside from the usual Update option in the menu?
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    now i can edit the title in my vids...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    podcasts that didn't download before update now work. Send video inmessage checked it out but have not used. Sprint email signature no change but have not added new accounts. Sprint tv don't know
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    fixing the podcast download bug was huge for me. I know it was minor but very annoying. There I was with the most flexible pod-catcher I have seen (drpodder) being driven by the best mobile OS (webOS) and couldn't download my favorite podcasts! Thanks Drnull for identifying the bug and Palm for fixing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    email sig won't change unless you delete the acct and then re-add.
    Did you try deleting one of the dashes in the default signature? That worked for me. Found a reference to this problem on the palm website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akumagm View Post
    I haven't seen any difference with Sprint TV. Is there a special way to make it update, aside from the usual Update option in the menu?
    It really doesn't look any different than it did, not really a visual update, just supposed to make it work better and smoother.

    If yours properly updated, when you launch it and go to the help page, at the bottom you should see this:

    Release ID: palm-sprintv1.5-3.5.4

    If you've got that, you've gotten the update. It was just an internal thing.
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