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    Hello. First of all, I had this idea and I am posting this with no previous search at all about it, so maybe it's something already done.

    I'd like to better organize my launcher, and a way of achieve this is placing separators so I can group them: GPS apps, Notes apps, PIM apps, and so.

    As I think there is no normal way to put a separator, like a horizontal or vertical bar, I thought about putting blank icons, to form a space between groups.

    It's something from this:

    To this:

    (Just a quick drawings to show what I'm talking about)

    As you can see, there are spaces between icons and they are grouped.

    I thought that a way could be creating icons with transparent or no picture, so the background could be seen.

    If a transparent GIF file could be attached to a contact, then it could be placed on launcher many times and that way arrange the icons.

    What do you think?

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    Hmmm I guess whatever floats your boat. But to ME, that would be more confusing, and take up unnessesary space to add extra icons to an already small viewing area.

    You could tecnically accomplish this, by creating blank web pages, with colored backgrounds, then just save those pages to your launcher and achieve your idea.

    However, I would think a better, more organized and easy to sort to your likeing way would be using 2 patches, add/delete launcher pages, and named launcher pages, then simply name the pages according to the type of thing on each page, and drag your icons accordingly,.

    For example, my current launcher configuration is as follows:

    my first page is Frequent Contacts & Apps
    my second page is System Tools & Utilities
    my third page is Fun Stuff & Games
    my forth page is Web Favorites

    That would be my preferred way to separate apps.

    But hey, part of the wonder of Pre is you can do pretty much anything you can imagine to make it your own
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    Exactly, whatever peels your banana.

    I wouldn't like it, but to each their own and that's the great thing about this phone, as was already said, making it your own.

    I do something similar to what dianehelen does, I have the added features to my launcher, the advanced configuration, that lets me add pages, as needed and that's how I organized mine.

    The stuff I use most is on the first page and I also installed the patch that makes it start back at the one, all the time.

    Second page is my frequent contacts, news apps, rss and etc. Third is game and it goes on from there, so that the very last pages hold the stuff I don't use that often, mostly system stuff or preinstalled apps that I never even look at.

    This means I can keep each page whatever size I want, with no need to scroll down. Just swipe sideways.
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