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    HI all,

    Here is some info on what to expect of the PalmPad. The author of this article thinks the PalmPad will be a sure fire hit! So do I, after all, as far as I know, only the PalmPad with webOS will be able to completely multitask!

    Take care,


    Top 5 Most Anticipated Tablets of 2010-2011 (iOS, webOS, Android, BlackBerry, oh my!)
    by Blake Stimac Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 5:45 PM PST

    Twenty-ten has been called the “Year of the Tablet” for some time now, but we’re already half way through the year and the only truly worthwhile tablet device that we have to speak of is the iPad and a couple of so-so Android tablets. But, there are tons of Android-, BlackBerry-, and webOS-powered tablets scheduled for the rest of 2010 and 2011, so there’s still time for a serious iPad competitor to rise to the occasion. We’re going to give a rundown of the “T0p 5 Most Anticipated Tablets” that are expected to hit sometime later this year, or early next year.
    Keep in mind that some of these tablets are still just rumors, and specs are subject to change at any moment. That said, hold onto your seats!

    Number 5: BlackPad

    RIM is said to enter the tablet market with their very own BlackPad (mock-up pictured above, thanks Simon!). Expected to run the new OS 6, the BlackPad which will make the entire BlackBerry experience much more touch-friendly. Let’s hope so, because a heavy-menu based tablet is not going to be terribly appealing when you’ve got so much competition out there. The BlackPad is rumored to have a 1GHz processor, a rear and front-facing camera, Flash 10.1 support, and a screen size somewhere in between 7 to 9.7 inches.

    We’re thinking the BlackPad could make a nice companion device to your Blackberry Torch, or whichever new OS 6 device comes out at that point. I can promise anyone that I won’t be getting this device, but I’m still very interested as to what RIM has up their sleeve with this tablet. BlackBerry users, we’re sure you’re foaming at the mouth for your own BlackPad, but there are still many more tablet options to consider…

    Number 4: Samsung Tab

    Samsung has no intention of slowing down their push to become a serious competitor in the Android space. The Korean company is said to bring a portable media player to market, as well as a tablet, dubbed the Samsung Tab. The Tab is said to sport a 7 inch display (hopefully Super AMOLED), 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 CPU and Android 2.2 (Froyo) with the TouchWiz 3.0 skin running on top. Though TouchWiz isn’t the greatest skin to have on a tablet, it’s definitely not the worst, and does lend to a very usable user interface.

    We don’t have too many hard specs on the tablet, but its said to be released sometime soon, possibly as soon as next month. If the Samsung Tab actually does end up shipping with a Super AMOLED display, as found on their Galaxy S line, it will definitely be a hard choice, given the competition. Speaking of which…

    Number 3: iPad 2

    You thought the iPad wouldn’t make this list? Even if Apple’s iPad is essentially a big iPod Touch, it’s impossible to deny the simplicity and sexiness of the device. We really don’t know what we could expect from the next iPad, but it will likely sport at least one camera on the device. We’re also betting on larger RAM stores and possibly a higher-resolution display (hey, we can hope, can’t we?).

    You can’t really call iOS 4 a feature of the next-generation iPad, as the existing tablet will be upgraded to iOS 4 in Fall 2010, but you can bet that the iPad 2 will come with it pre-installed. We’d like to see the Retina Display on the newest version of Apple’s tablet, but that would likely be too expensive for most consumers. Not to mention that would cut into the 50% profit margins that Apple enjoys at the moment. So, right now, we don’t think we’ll be seeing such a display in the iPad 2. What I’d love to see is a smaller version of the iPad, and a 7-incher may just be right around the corner. It would also be nice to see some connectivity ports on this thing too. You know like the USB ports on that are more than plentiful on competing tablets…

    Number 2: PalmPad/Hurricane

    Unlike with the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, WebOS will likely be a hit on the rumored tablet from HP. The webOS UI on a big screen is itself something that many people have been waiting for and we may not have too long to wait for it. Codenamed Hurricane, we’ve been expecting a WebOS-based tablet since we first got word that Palm had been acquired by HP. The tablet could materialize as the PalmPad, if trademark filings from HP are any indication of the tablets true name.

    Multitasking is a dream on the WebOS, and those cards would look nicer than ever when displayed atop a big, high-resolution display. Rumored to hit the shelves in early 2011, the PalmPad may debut with WebOS 2.0. We’re not sure what the newest version of the OS may bring us, but it’s likely to bring some much-needed upgrades, and some new features in tow to help it catch up with the likes of iOS and Android. Expect to see the gesture bar that you’ve come to love (or hate) on previous WebOS devices, but as far as hard specs go, we know nothing.

    And, speaking of hard specs that make us think…

    Number 1: Notion Ink Adam

    The Adam from Notion Ink is definite the tablet I am holding out for. This tablet sports every feature you could expect from a tablet, and it does it with style. The Adam may not be as sexy as some of the previous tablets, but it packs a punch where others fall short. The Adam is the first tablet we’re hearing of that will sport a 10 inch Pixel Qi display, which can be used in a full color mode, or a black and white e-reader-like mode when the backlight is off, which can offer you days of use. The Adam has gone through a handful of delays, but the launch window is still set for before the end of 2010. (We’ll believe it when we see it)

    The Adam is the only tablet we have finalized specs on, some of which include: Android 2.2 (Froyo), 3.2 megapixel camera that swivels 90 degrees, USB, HDMI, SIM card slot, MicroSD slot, docking port, 3G connectivity, WiFi (b/g/n), and the number-crunching powerhouse that is the NVIDA Tegra 2 Dual core Cortex A9 processor – that’s two applications processing cores that each run at 1Ghz! There will be three different models, and all are said to be, “cheaper than the most basic iPad model.” Sign me up!
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    Hi all,

    Here is some more info.

    The second article (which has zero new info in it), had the following posted to it. Is it true? Who knows, but it sure sounds GREAT, (I have cut and pasted it word for word):

    yeah already from our insiders from HP the HPC40 is coming novemeber to sprint with webos 2.0 4inch screen 1.2ghz omap4 chip better cameria, and hardware 4g. SO as for the editor that takes cheap shots to Palm alot, you will soon see why android is and always will be inferior to Webos, now that it has some financial power behind it.


    HP readying WebOS tablet for early 2011?
    by Erica Ogg, August 10, 2010 11:32 AM PDT

    HP readying WebOS tablet for early 2011? | Circuit Breaker - CNET News

    A few tidbits about Hewlett-Packard's plan for WebOS are leaking out from a company meeting held Monday.

    Engadget said Tuesday it heard from several "trusted sources" present at the all-hands employee meeting that HP Senior Vice President Todd Bradley pointed to the first quarter of 2011 for when the company would be shipping a tablet loaded with WebOS. The sources also reported that the internal code name for the project is Hurricane.

    Bradley, the former CEO of Palm, heads up HP's Personal Systems Group, which absorbed Palm in July, along with its mobile operating system, WebOS. HP has said from the moment it announced the acquisition that it planned to use WebOS in a variety of ways across its consumer product lines, including tablets, Web-connected printers, and smartphones.

    HP CTO Shane Robison reiterated that last week at the Techonomy conference. He told CNET that while WebOS may also eventually be an option on Netbooks, it won't replace Windows for people looking to do productivity tasks.

    If HP does end up shipping the tablet within the first three months of next year, it'll be a much quicker product turnaround than the Windows 7 Slate the company made a show of at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. HP has remained mum on the future of the device since acquiring Palm, other than to say it is re-evaluating the product and determining the next steps.

    Article Two:

    webOS tablet coming in Q1 2011
    By Alex Wagner, posted Today at 2:20 PM / 1955 views

    webOS tablet coming in Q1 2011

    Tablets seem to be all the rage these days, with Apple's iPad, Motorola's rumored Android-based tablet, and RIM's BlackPad. Now HP looks to be joining the tablet game, too, with a webOS-based piece of hardware. HP has told its employees that the device will be launched in Q1 of 2011, several "trusted sources" have told Engadget. The info comes from Todd Bradley, HP's Personal Systems Group VP, who spread the good news yesterday at a meeting with all other employees. Finally, the internal codename for the device is "Hurricane," which is something we've heard several times in the past.

    I don't know about you, but I'm definitely excited to see webOS hit a tablet device. Heck, at this point I'm excited to see webOS on any sort of new hardware. Now that we've got a tablet on the way, hopefully we'll start to see information trickle out about that new webOS hardware, as well as version 2.0 of the OS itself. Care to share some info, Palm?


    A WebOS tablet from HP next year could test which is better: apps or HTML5
    By Sam Diaz | August 10, 2010, 1:15pm PDT

    A WebOS tablet from HP next year could test which is better: apps or HTML5 | ZDNet

    HP is reportedly gearing up to release a WebOS-powered tablet PC in the first quarter of next year, a headline that stems from an all-hands employee meeting at HP yesterday. That’s where Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley reportedly told employees about the tablet project, codenamed “Hurricane,” according to a post on Engadget.

    Of course, there had been an expectation that a tablet from HP running WebOS, the mobile operating system that came along with the company’s acquisition of Palm, was in the works. The Slate, the other HP tablet that was showcased by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES in January, is looking more and more like an enterprise-only product when and if it launches.

    And the buzz that HP might also be eyeing Google’s Android to power yet another tablet has raised concerns that HP is biting off more than it needs to with tablets based on three different operating systems.

    What’s most interesting about the WebOS approach is that it could end up being a test of the app ecosystem. Palm, when it launched the Pre and other smartphones running WebOS, was struggling to get developers on-board to build apps. Both Apple and Google, with the iOS and Android platforms, already have strong app offerings. But does a tablet really need an app to offer the best user experience?

    Mobile phones were unique beasts because of the size of the screen, the limited-interaction interface that comes with a mobile phone browser and the mobile broadband speeds it would take for some Web pages to load in their native form. And, via Apple, we’ve been led to believe that, with a few alterations, apps are the best approach to a tablet computing experience, as well.

    But are they? After all, the HTML5 standard - which doesn’t have to be platform specific - is an alternative to the app that has the ability to offer a comparable experience to the app and more, all from the browser. Case in point: Facebook last week announced that it was rolling out an enhanced mobile site that would allow users to access their privacy settings, something that the company did not add to their lineup of smartphone apps. In that sense, the HTML5-powered mobile site has more user functionality than any of their apps.

    Don’t get me wrong. Apps add a lot of value to the mobile phone experience - and in that sense, Apple and Google lead the pack in the number of offerings. But the jury is still out on which route will work best for the tablet. In some cases, there will be a need for apps on some tablets - such as a Kindle reader app. But in other cases, such as Facebook, the browser-based route could be the better one.

    No one knows for sure which way things will go. But if others, such as Research in Motion, are eyeing the tablet landscape - and there are hints that they are - then they’re definitely going to be watching close to see how much traction HP can make in this space without the backing of a large developer community, such as those that are behind Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android
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    I am amazed at the number of typos in these articles. Sloppy journalism is too generous. The age of blogging and instant news/opinion has done major damage to good grammar and spelling.
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    I'm with you there, Workerb33. There used to be such a thing as Journalism. Now there's Reporting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    I am amazed at the number of typos in these articles. Sloppy journalism is too generous. The age of blogging and instant news/opinion has done major damage to good grammar and spelling.
    what's rong with today's speling + gramar?

    You old folks always complane about everything!

    I want a portable device by September, but like what's coming early next year (palmpad, more efficient laptops).
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    The iPad is absolutely worthless, but a PalmPad I'd get no problem even if I didn't have a reason. I thought I'd be good with my Thinkpad 200x tablet (no multitouch unfortunately), but I use the "Nipple" mouse a lot and it's killing my index finger. A PalmPad would be great. Again... HP, Please don't _____ it up...
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    I can not wait for the Pre tablet. While the iPad looks cool I can't imagine having to shut down one thing to start another. the multi-tasking on Web OS is to die for and will work even better on a full tablet.

    Now as long as they get great battery life I think they have a real winner on their hands.
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    C'mon guys, you know this thing will never sell. HP will fail. I've been reading these forums and theres a ton of people who say webOS will never be popular. They say it so often they must know for sure, why else would they say it?
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    Wow, that list is awful. It seriously included the Blackpad? When it could have included a Meego device? If I ever do get a large tablet device (I currently have a 5 inch Archos 5 Android tablet which does me just fine) Then Meego would be my first choice, by FAR. I love WebOS, but it seems silly to have the same interface on two devices... I have it on a phone, so I would need to get something else.

    Haven't seen Meego in action yet? Behold the beauty:
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    ^Do you really have to use your finger nail only... ? That kills me. It's like my old Archos 704 I had. *** thought it was a good idea to run a sharp object across a screen? I forget what the kind of screen that is, but it's ********. Then again you have CrApple people complaining about :gasp: fingerprints...
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    I'm sorry, but who wrote this????

    Who wants a blackberry tablet? And, not that WebOS isn't great, but I don't really think that many people are anticipating it.

    I just ordered an iPad, should be here in about 2 weeks, we'll see how I like it.

    Ya know what would be funny but so bad? If Palm delays making new hardware for our phones, cuz of the Palm pad. Then they sell just over 1,000 Palm pads.

    Sadly, knowing Palm, that just might be the case. If that happens I'll just go to Android, cuz ya know how Verizon LOVES android.
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

    Here to help and learn
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    I don't think I can hold out for the PalmPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes out soon. I know I'll kick myself for getting a Tab and not waiting for the PalmPad too.

    Oh and... BB (RIM) is a fail, their tablet will be no different. I don't get why they are still around.
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    ...i love the part about 'much needed improvements' to webOS to catch up to iOS and android...uhh...really??? Catch up? Maybe in sales only...
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    Thanks! You always find some of the best articles.

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