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    Catalog working here in SC
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    mine is still down

    RI , ATT pre plus :/
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    Sprint / Utah - Catalog does not work! LAME!!!!
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    Working fine for me in Salt Lake City.. .
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    Works fine in Knoxville
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    West Coast, U.S. on Sprint and it's working fine here!
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    Sprint Pre in MA, catalog is back and working properly again.

    This would make a good Pre doodle cartoon.

    Pre Tech: "Hey, watch this!"

    <click> (partially disables App Catalog)

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    its working in Canada
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    App cat was down in U.K,
    it's back up and running now though.
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    everything back to normal
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    App cat back in WA
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    I don't think it ever went down.

    Verizon Palm Pre Plus
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    works for me... i don't know... i hope this upgrade not only increases battery life (which i can deal with as is) but i hope it makes the phone snappier. is it just me? or did the phone just get worse and worse? maybe i got used to the speed... overclocking to 800mhz (and even 720Mhz) DOES indeed make it snappy again. snappier than i've ever seen it. but drains battery super fast. so i don't overclock it... and every once in a while it gets SUPER slow and laggy. that is seriously a bug in the software. At that rate, I tried overclocking for a burst of speed until it decided to wake up out of its coma and it still didn't help much.

    so i really really really hope this update also increases performance. and the thing is, at times the phone IS fast enough (with or without any or many cards open) so I know there has to be something in the background that is running wild. i truly hope it's fixed in this release.

    this is literally their last chance...i have an EVO reserved...will cancel it if this update proves valuable. but too many good people left Palm and it's taking too long for the dust to settle from HP buying Palm and because of all that...i'm really worried. this update has been a LONG time coming. release it already!

    i love my pre and webos... i just need more performance. *crossing fingers*
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    There is no listing for any touches on the battery life in this update and since you are using this to make your decision whether or not to move to the Evo, I get the feeling you will be leaving WebOs. This update is for the PDK apps and some minor software stuff, that's it. Nothing great in this one, even though everyone's been waiting for it, like it's the new holy grail.
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    There is no change to battery life,speed.
    I've been using 1.4.5 for a few weeks now.
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    I read somewhere battery life increase. I did NOT see performance, but I only hoped. It is possible that they may not list all the actual enhancements too... I'm desperately hoping here.
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