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    App catalog up for me here Sprint Pre in TX

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    Sprint Pre and my App Catalog is working fine as well.
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    Verizon Pre Plus
    Just doctored last night (
    No patchs or kernels all stock
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    I still have a fully functioning App Catalog.
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    Working again on Sprint in Tennessee.
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    vzw pre+ in MA the app catalog isn't working but I can see and get apps from 'Featured Apps'
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    The App Catalog is working fine for me too. I can view apps by any catagory. And, every hour I've been clicking the Update icon and sign of the elusive, version 1.4.5 WebOS update. If anyone has absolute late breaking news, please keep us informed. Thank you.
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    Yep, down.
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    sorry if someone has asked, I'm driving and can't read alllllll the text, but does the app updates bug have any effect on getting the update? I've never checked for updates and seen that I have and my phone is up to date, always that I have app updates available. No updates are in fact what's up?
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    in CT, Sprint Pre Minus, full App catalog usage.
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    App Catalog is up on my Sprint Pre.
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    It's up for me. Sprint Pre in OKC. 3183 Apps
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    App Catalog was down for me this morning

    Just went back up few minutes ago - At&t
    Mobile HotSpot At&t
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    back up now. sprint pre nyc

    new apps are there but nothing for 1.4.5 of course
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    Yup, it's back up for me as well,, Verizon Pre+. Must be over now
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    Okay, app-Catalog is back here in Germany...
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    Back up for me too. Connecticut Verizon Pixi+.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRepublican View Post
    Yep, down.
    Back up here in Illinois.
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    well, that was fun.
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