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    I have looked to see if anyone else has had this issue, but was unsuccessful in multiple places (including Google).

    Anyway, I just started listening to a podcast (using Dr. Podder) and it starts and plays fine, UNTIL I pause it and restart it later (a few minutes or hours later after closing it). When I restart it, it will play about a second or two, then stop. The only way to get going again is to skip ahead a few seconds (but I miss a little bit of the content). I've tried using the built in music player, and it does the same thing, too. Although it will restart at the very beginning of the file after 10 or 15 seconds. Since this is only one podcast that it happens in, I'm wondering if it some "funky" bitrate or other anomaly of the file. The RSS feed can be found here: Church Tech Weekly

    If anyone has any suggestions on where I can turn to see if this is a bug or "just my problem", let me know. Thanks.
    Brent Haag
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    I have the same problem with my music player, i dont know what to do. After a few songs, if i pause the song then flip through the songs it wont play them .
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    same here. I've had this problem for a while. While listening to songs it just suddenly pauses then resumes. Or it just completely stops. I wonder if it's due to a patch? I don't have any music patches, though.

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